Mine Action Program Demands Provision of Detectors For Yemen’s Mine Clearance


National Mine Action Program renewed its demand for international and humanitarian organizations operating in Yemen support the Centre’s efforts by providing detectors and supplies to enable it to clear the Hodeidah areas in particular and Yemen in general.

In a statement , “We followed the statement issued by the United Nations Mission in Support of the Hodeida Agreement “UNMHA” on the persistence of civilian deaths and injuries in Hodeida caused by explosive ordnance, we encourage greater attention to finding solutions to the problem and contributing to the protection of civilians from the remnants of aggression. ”
The Centre’s statement was surprised that the United Nations Mission in Support of the Hodeida Agreement (UNMHA) had ignored the challenges facing the Centre in the lack of equipment and supplies to clear areas.

He pointed out that the United Nations statement avoided not mentioning the alliance of aggression either by insinuation or by stating that it caused UNDP to be prevented from procuring and importing devices and contaminated of large areas of Hodeidah governorate by cluster bombs as a result of airstrikes.

“At the Centre, we invite all international and humanitarian organizations, first and foremost their” UNMHA ” Security Council resolution 2643 issued on Wednesday, July 14, 2022, by which the Security Council renewed the mandate of the Mission for a period of one year until July 14, 2023. “

The Mine Action Program reported that article II (a) It stipulated that one of the Mission’s tasks was to supervise demining operations which there were no effective and concrete steps or actions on the technical side and the introduction of devices that the Coalition of Aggression had prevented from introducing into Yemen despite the fact that they were humanitarian equipment and within the Mission’s core functions under the Security Council resolution.

The Centre noted that since November 2021, it had spared no effort in fulfilling its humanitarian role in cleansing as much as possible and had made enormous sacrifices including the killing of a group of the Centre’s cadres in the performance of their duty during humanitarian field missions to protect and secure civilians.

The Centre’s statement stated that UNMHA had carried out field visits to the Centre’s teams working in the field, on May 25, it was involved in damaging more than 500 war objects after being removed and collected from the outskirts of Hodeidah, as well as briefing the Mission’s Special Adviser on the possibilities and equipment which has become old and rickety and does not meet reality and need.