Yemeni Armed Forces Carry Out Warning Strike Against Petroleum Theft in Occupied Hadhramautt


Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesman Brigadier General Yehya Sare’e unveiled that the Yemeni Forces carried out a warning strike to prevent an oil ship that was attempting to loot crude oil from the Dhaba Port in Hadhramaut Province, eastern Yemen.

In a statement issued , Brigadier General Yehya Sare’e said that the oil ship violated the resolution issued by the concerned sides about banning the transfer and export of the sovereign Yemeni oil derivatives.

“The warning message was to prevent the unending looting of the Yemeni oil wealth that is not given to the Yemeni people and to pay salaries and provide services. The warning message came after addressing the concerned sides at the ship and informing them about the decision based on the applied Yemeni laws and international laws,” he stressed.

He continued: “The ship was dealt with upon warning measures through which we were keen to preserve the safety and security of Yemen’s infrastructure as well as the safety of the ship and its crew.”

Sare’e affirmed that the armed forces won’t hesitate to carry out our duty to prevent and stop any ship that attempts to loot the wealth of our Yemeni people, and can launch more warning offensives to defend our great people and protect their wealth from looting.

Yemeni armed forces renewed their warning to all companies to fully abide by the resolutions issued by the national salvation government’s authority to refrain from taking part in looting the Yemeni wealth.