The Yemen Gas Company Demands UN To Release Gas Vessel Seized By Coalition Saudi -Emirate


The Yemen Gas Company called on the United Nations to pressure the Coalition Saudi -Emirate to prevent the detention of domestic gas vessels.
The company indicated in a statement, Saturday, that the Coalition Saudi -Emirate has been holding the gas ship “Lady Sarah” since October 18, which carries a quantity of nine thousand and 230 metric tons of imported gas.

It confirmed that the Coalition Saudi -Emirate practices piracy on gas and fuel ships, despite being subject to inspection and obtaining UN entry permits.

The statement called for not using ships of oil and gas ship as a means of collective punishment against the Yemeni people.

Earlier on Friday, the Yemen petroleum Company announced that the Saudi-Emirate aggression coalition is still holding three fuel vessels, one of which has been held for 15 days.

Last month, the Yemen Petroleum Company (YPC) said in a statement that, “The total fines for delaying fuel ships seized by the US-Saudi aggression amounted to 11 million dollars during the truce period”. The company reiterated that the US-Saudi aggression continued to piracy on all fuel ships, without exception, and to seize them since the announcement of the temporary truce.

It stressed that during the truce period (April-September), only 33 fuel ships out of 54 ships reached Hodeidah ports, of which only four were released on August 2, at the end of the first extension period of the truce.

The YPC confirmed that the complicity of the relevant UN formations with the Coalition Saudi -Emirate seriously contributes to the exacerbation of explicit violations of the truce agreement.

A UN-brokered truce lasted for six months in the seven-year-old war waged by Saudi Arabia and its regional allies supported by US and western countries against Yemen.

The truce, however, expired on Sunday amid the Saudi-led coalition’s constant violations of the agreement and its refusal to properly lift a siege that it has been enforcing against Yemen since the beginning of the war.

Although the Coalition Saudi -Emirate seeks to extend thetruce, it with UN complicity, is still evading the implementation of humanitarian and legal entitlements, foremost of which is the paying employee salaries and entering fuel ships to the port of Hodeidah, which made Sana’a refuse to extend the temporary truce.

The head of the National Delegation Mohammed Abdulsalam censured the aggressor coalition for failing to renew the truce deal and deteriorating the humanitarian crisis in the country as a result of its intransigence and disavowal of measures that alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people.