Exceeding 5 Million, Displaced Suffer From Food Shortages Amid UN Neglect In Yemen


The suffering of the displaced in Yemen has increased as a result of the war and the blockade imposed by the Saudi for nearly eight years. The number of displaced has exceeded more than five million people, according to the Supreme Council for Humanitarian Affairs in Sana’a.
The displaced suffer from a great shortage of food and the necessities of life, and their suffering has been exacerbated by the decision of international organizations to reduce humanitarian aid.

The Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation in Sana’a announced that the number of displaced people has increased to five million, 159 thousand and 560 displaced by the end of August 2022.

A report issued by the Information Center of the Council on Sunday stated that the number of displaced families reached 740,122 families, while the number of displaced individuals reached five million, 159 thousand and 560 individuals in 15 governorates.

The report pointed out that 1,168,664 displaced individuals do not receive aid until now, despite the organizations’ continuous calls to assume their role and responsibilities towards the displaced.

The report indicated that the number of displaced persons in the capital reached 694,127, and the number of displaced persons in Hodeidah governorate reached 944,916, while the number in Hajjah governorate reached 791,147 and in Sa’adah governorate 512,526 displaced persons.

According to the report, the number of displaced people in Taiz governorate reached 511,231, while 294,455 people in Amran governorate, 275,191 people in Dhamar governorate, and 226,177 people were displaced in Ibb governorate.

In Sana’a governorate, the number of displaced people reached 211,253, in Al-Jawf governorate, their number reached 219,219, and in Al-Baidha, 124,432 displaced cases.

The report of the Humanitarian Affairs Council stated that the number of displaced persons in Marib governorate reached 155,022 displaced persons, and in Rayma governorate reached 62,608 displaced persons, in Mahwit governorate 54,915 displaced persons, and 82,341 displaced persons in Al-Dhale’e.

After nearly eight years of war and blockade imposed on Yemen, the suffering of the Yemeni people is increasing, which UN and international organizations describe as the largest and worst humanitarian crisis in the world, with millions of displaced people living on the brink of famine.

According to the latest report issued by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, more than 20 million people need humanitarian assistance in Yemen. However, despite this, international organizations have recently reduced humanitarian aid and refrained from carrying out its humanitarian duty, revealing, according to human rights activists, “the falsehood of human rights claims and slogans that international organizations are raving about.”