YPC: Aggression Forces Seizes 4 Fuel Ships


The Yemeni Petroleum Company (YPC) on Friday confirmed that the aggression coalition seized 4 fuel ships and prevented them from reaching Hodeidah port.

YPC official spokesman Issam al-Mutawakil, the US-Saudi aggression coalition, in clear disregard for the human suffering of the Yemeni people, detained four fuel ships despite their inspection in Djibouti.

He pointed out that the seized ships include the gasoline ship “Sea Adore”, the diesel ship “Golf Aetos” and the two diesel ships “Princess Khadija and Soprano Sirene”.

Al-Mutawakil held the Aggression Coalition and the United Nations fully responsible for the damages resulting from the blockade, calling on the international community, the Security Council, and human rights and humanitarian organizations to put pressure on the aggression coalition and the United Nations to release the fuel ships and prevent piracy on them.