Saudi Arabia Forms Two Brigades With Heavy Equipment in Hadramout


Sources revealed that Saudi Arabia has recruited two brigades from Hadramout governorate, eastern Yemen, while the Emirati-backed Transitional Council is escalating its control of the valley and desert districts.

The sources said that the Saudi forces began forming two brigades with high training and heavy military equipment, in preparation for their deployment in the areas of Al-Wadiah and Al-Abr.

The formation of the two brigades indicates Saudi Arabia’s endeavor to end the grip of the first military region loyal to the Islah Party on the districts of the valley, in favor of forces loyal to it, as a substitute for it in the event that Riyadh takes a decision to end the presence of the region’s forces in Hadramout.

This comes in light of the STC’s continued mobilization of its forces to attack the first military zone and control the districts of Al-Wadi and Al-Sahara.