Violent Clashes in Shabwa and One Person Was Killed


Violent clashes broke out in the city of Ataq in Shabwa Governorate, causing great chaos in the city.

Local sources said that gunmen assassinated a member of the Al-Khalifa tribe, which necessitated the tribe’s members to try to avenge their fate.

Sources confirmed that the Shabwa defense entered into the clashes in an attempt to pursue the gunmen, so that the city would enter into a complete chaos of clashes.

Local sources said that three armed confrontations broke out in separate places at the same time.

Other clashes also broke out between the Shabwa Defense Forces and Al-Sowh Khalifah in Al-Jabiya area, the entrance to the city of Ataq, leaving a number of wounded from the Al-Sowh family and a number of other defense forces.

According to the sources, the third, the most violent, clashes erupted, in which heavy bullets were used, between the Amrasas al-Dawla and al-Sharm in the Dhara area of the Nasa district.