Eye of Humanity Center Condemns Crime of Torturing Detainee Aylouq to Death in Marib


Eye of Humanity Center condemned the crime of torturing detainee Bashir Hussein Aylouq to death, which was committed by Saudi army in “Political Security” prison in Marib city.

“The detainee, Aylouq, is from the Al-Jubah Directorate in Marib, and he was kidnapped in Wadi Obeida area nearly six months ago, along with a group of his family members,” the center said in a statement on Thursday .

It indicated that this crime is an extension of a series of murders and torture that detainees and prisoners are subjected by Saudi Regime.

The statement held the US-Saudi aggression responsible for the murder of the detainee, Aylouq , and the previous crimes.

The statement added that the continued international disregard for crimes against prisoners and detainees encouraged the US-Saudi aggression to continue to commit more war crimes.