Eye of Humanity Condemns the Torture of Citizen Khaled Al-Amir in Mercenary Prisons


Eye of Humanity Center for Rights and Development condemned the torture of detainee Khaled Muhammad Salih al-Amir in the intelligence prison of the mercenaries of aggression in Marib governorate.

The Eye of Humanity Center confirmed that after torturing the detainee, the prince, he was transferred to the Authority Hospital in Marib, after severe suffering from heart disease, diabetes and other diseases that he had been suffering from for three years inside a prison in Marib.

The center added that the condition of the detainee, Al-Amir, was complicated by negligence and torture, and he suffered kidney failure, and he is in a clinically dead state, and no one knows at the present time due to his critical health condition.

It explained that the militias of the Islah Party affiliated with the aggression in Marib had arrested Brigadier General Khaled Al-Amir along with his son Muhammad and his nephew Bassem Al-Samit in the city of Marib in 2020 AD.

The center held the countries of aggression responsible for the crime and its predecessors, and we demand investigation and criminal accountability of the leaders of the coalition and all those who prove their involvement in these crimes. It said, “We appeal to the United Nations and the Security Council to assume their responsibilities and break their shameful silence and shirk their duties.”