Al-Houthi: Negotiations Are Directly With Leader Of Aggression Coalition, Saudi Arabia


A member of the Supreme Political Council in Sana’a, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, confirmed that dialogues are taking place between Yemen and Saudi Arabia along with the Omani mediation, as the Kingdom is leading the coalition

“As we have said in the comprehensive solution vision that the dialogue can only be with the aggression coalition, as the decision of aggression and blockade and their cessation is in the hands of the coalition,” Mohammed Ali al-Houthi said in a post on his X account, in as a response to the statement issued by Saudi Foreign Ministry, which claimed to be a mediator in the negotiations in an attempt to evade responsibility and save face.

He concluded by saying: “We hope that serious discussion will take place to serve the interest of the two peoples and overcome the challenges.”

For his part, member of the political council of Ansarullah Hizam al-Assad said that “the new round of negotiations taking place in Riyadh represents an opportunity for the Saudi regime that may not be repeated.”

“So, will bin Salman seize the opportunity and break from the US restrictions and incline to peace?”, he wondered, adding that “especially since the Omani mediator has made great efforts to achieve peace and has endured a lot of brazenness, fluctuations, stupidity and recklessness of the Saudi negotiating delegation throughout the previous rounds of negotiations.”

Observers believe that Saudi Arabia’s attempt to get out with face-saving, as stated by the statement of the Foreign Ministry, seems desperate and fails in the way of output, because of the fact that its talk about the 2021 initiative contradicts the course of negotiations and their conditions