Al-Ezzi: Sana’a would consider any US designation of Ansarallah as declaration of war


Hussein Al-Ezzi, confirmed on Saturday that Sana’a would consider any American designation of Ansarallah a terrorist organization as “a declaration of war.”

“The American threat does not worry Sana’a at all because if it happened, it would expose America’s standards and undermine its credibility forever,” Al-Ezzi added in his account on the “X” platform.

Al-Ezzi stressed that America would discover the disastrousness of its attempt to escalate with Yemen, “the graveyard of empires and the first country of attrition in history.”

The Deputy Foreign Minister in Sana’a concluded his post by saying, “We are only concerned with respecting those who respect us.”

Several media outlets reported two days ago, quoting US National Security Council spokesman John Creepy, that Washington is studying reclassifying what it called the “Al-Houthi group” as a terrorist organization.

The American official’s statements about reclassifying Ansarallah as a “terrorist organization” come against the backdrop of Yemeni positions in support of the Palestinian people in the face of the genocidal operations practiced by the Zionist entity.