Yemeni Naval Forces turn “Galaxy Leader” ship into tourist attraction


Israeli media have reported that the Yemenis had turned the “Galaxy Leader” ship, owned by an Israeli businessman, and which they seized about two weeks ago in the Red Sea, into a tourist attraction.

A broadcaster on the Israeli Channel “12” said that the Israeli ship, which was seized by the Yemenis on the shores of the Gulf, “has turned into a tourist destination.”

The broadcaster also pointed out that “Yemeni tourists from all regions arrive on the ship, enjoy many activities there, and trample the flags of Israel and the United States, as if they were a carpet.”

The channel also reported that the Yemenis raised the flags of Palestine and Yemen on the mast, and they are enjoying the sunshine on board the ship.

On November 19, the Yemeni naval forces succeeded, in a unique operation, in detaining the Israeli ship “Galaxy Leader” in the Red Sea, and since then, hundreds of Yemenis have been arriving every day on small boats to board the ship.

Several reports indicated that this stampede and eagerness to visit and board the ship expresses the absolute Yemeni popular support for the leadership in all the steps it takes in support of the Palestinian resistance.

Israeli media revealed that the seizure of the ship by the Yemenis may lead to the cancellation of shipping lines to the occupied territories.

Following the seizure of the ship, Sana’a confirmed that it would continue to “carry out military operations against the ships and interests of the Israeli enemy, until the Zionist entity stops its aggression and crimes against Gaza and the Palestinian people.”

Sana’a also confirmed that it is working to secure navigation in Bab al-Mandab and the Red Sea, and that its attacks “are limited to targeting Israeli ships as a response to the ongoing aggression against the people of Gaza.”