Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movemen Hamas: No More Captive Swap Until War Ends


The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas says there will be no new captive swap with Israel until the unrelenting aggression against the besieged territory stops.

In a press briefing in Beirut on Monday, Osama Hamdan, Hamas representative in Lebanon and also a member of the group’s politburo dismissed reports that said Israel is ready to resume contact with mediators for the possible release of the remaining Israeli captives held in Gaza.

“There will be no agreement on the exchange of more captives for prisoners before the onslaught [against Gaza] ceases. The Israeli media reports about the possibility of a new prisoner swap [with Hamas] are meant to mislead the public opinion in the face of increasing domestic discontent,” Hamdan said.

“No compromise is acceptable over the blood of fallen Palestinians. [Israeli prime minister] Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to escape from the regime’s internal conflicts, especially the crisis with the families of the captives held in Gaza.”

Source: Press TV