MR.Mohammed Abdulsalam: Any inaction or neutrality in the Palestinian cause is a foolish alignment with “Israel”


The official spokesman for Ansarullah, Mohammed Abdulsalam, emphasized that any form of inaction or neutrality in the Palestinian issue equates to siding with Israel against Palestine and Gaza, a stance deemed both foolish and unacceptable.

“The Palestinian cause is comprehensive, and any lack of action, neutrality, or adoption of negative positions signifies a voluntary and foolish alignment with Israel against Palestine and Gaza,” Mohammed Abdulsalam said in a post on his X account.

فلسطين قضية جامعة وأي تقاعس أو حياد فضلا عن اتخاذ مواقف سلبية فهو انخراط مجاني وغبي مع إسرائيل ضد فلسطين وغزة، ، وشعبنا اليمني بفضل الله بجميع أطيافه وفئاته يأبى الذل والهوان ولا يرضى بخذلان غزة في هذا الوقت العصيب، وهو يبارك عمليات القوات المسلحة ويدعو إلى الوقوف الى جانب الشعب…

— محمد عبدالسلام (@abdusalamsalah) December 12, 2023

He added, “The Yemeni people reject humiliation and degradation and will not tolerate abandoning Gaza during these difficult times.”

Abdulsalam further emphasized that those placing trust in Israel and its supporters, who work to hinder the efforts of the Yemeni Armed Forces, are relying on opportunists destined to fail.

He pointed out that the enemy entity relies on failed mercenaries who initially betrayed Yemen and further deepened their downfall by betraying the Palestinian cause.