MR.Mohammed Abdulsalam: Yemeni Stance Towards Palestine Doesn’t Accept Compromise


Head of the National Delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam, emphasized Yemen’s unwavering support for Palestine based on religious, national, and ethical principles.

Abdulsalam articulated Yemen’s perception of Israel as a significant threat, posing dangers not only to nations but also to the unity of the Islamic world.

He highlighted how Yemen’s actions, particularly operations impacting Israel economically, stand as a demonstration of solidarity within the Islamic community.

Abdulsalam revealed ongoing diplomatic efforts with involved nations aimed at ending the blockade and halting aggression against Gaza.

He stressed that the Palestinian cause is non-negotiable, condemning the plight of Gazans and asserting Yemen’s refusal to compromise on this issue.

Regarding Yemeni Armed Forces’ military operations, Abdulsalam clarified their sole focus: targeting Israeli and affiliated ships at occupied ports, directly tied to the demand for lifting the blockade and stopping aggression on Gaza.

Abdulsalam stated that if aggressor nations desire a cessation of naval operations against Israel, they must first lift the blockade on Gaza, allowing essential supplies like food and medicine to enter.

He assured that the Red Sea remains secure for maritime traffic, except for vessels associated with the Israeli enemy, commending a Chinese company for suspending its ships’ entry into occupied entity ports.