Abu Obeida: We killed 48 Zionist soldiers, destroyed 35 military vehicles during past 4 days


The military spokesman for the “Qassam Brigades”, Abu Obeida, confirmed that 48 Zionist soldiers were killed and dozens were injured and the destruction of 35 vehicles in whole or in part in various ways over the past four days.

Abu Obaida said in a statement published on his Telegram channel: “Over the past four days, the Qassam fighters managed to destroy 35 military vehicles in whole or in part, and our troops confirmed the killing of 48 Zionist soldiers and wounding dozens of varying injuries”.

“24 military missions were carried out in which the invading Zionist forces were targeted with missiles and anti-fortifications canisters and personnel, clashed with them from a distance of zero and targeted their rescue teams, two tunnels were booby-trapped in the Yahlom unit and a minefield was booby-trapped in the vehicles and soldiers of the occupation”, he added.

He also said: “Six sniper operations were also carried out targeting enemy soldiers, and our Mujahideen also destroyed the headquarters and field command rooms and military gatherings with mortars and short-range rockets in all axes of fighting in the Gaza Strip, and rained down on the city of Tel Aviv in the middle of the entity with a rocket barrage,”.