Yemen witnesses unprecedented demonstrations in support of Palestinian people


Yemen witnessed on Friday afternoon massive demonstrations in the capital, Sana’a, and several provinces in support of the Palestinian people and their resistance under the slogan “The blood of the free on the path to victory.”

The participants stressed that the Yemeni people would not stand idly by in the face of the American escalation in the Red Sea and its attempts to expand the circle of conflict in the region in order to provide support to the Zionist entity to commit more brutal crimes against the Palestinian people.

During the demonstrations, the mass crowds renewed the Yemeni people’s firm position of standing by the resistance and the Palestinian people until the siege is lifted and the aggression ends.

The demonstrators confirmed in a statement their readiness to fight alongside Yemeni armed forces in direct battle with the American enemy.

The statement condemned the assassination operations carried out by the Zionist enemy against the leaders of the resistance, reiterating the popular support for the leadership’s decisions and the operations of the armed forces against the American and Zionist enemy.

The statement emphasized the necessity of boycotting American and Israeli goods and products, calling on neighboring Arab countries to open land crossings and facilitate the crossing of hundreds of thousands of Yemeni fighters into occupied Palestine to confront the Zionist enemy.