Yemen’s foreign ministry denounces 12-Nation coalition statement


Yemen’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has strongly denounced and categorically rejected the recent statement made by the 12-nation coalition led by the United States concerning the situation in the Red Sea.

In an official statement, the Ministry condemned the coalition’s pronouncement, labeling it as a distortion of reality and a glaring misrepresentation of facts. It criticized the US administration for adopting double standards in its policies.

The statement highlighted the blatant war crimes and genocide committed by the Zionist entity against the Palestinian people, which flagrantly violates international law and humanitarian norms. It rebuked Washington and its allies for failing to uphold their humanitarian and moral obligations, instead supplying weapons to Israel, facilitating crimes against Palestinian civilians.

The Ministry deplored the disregard shown by the White House and its allies toward the atrocities and genocide carried out by Israel in the Gaza Strip.

It emphasized that the coalition’s concerns regarding maritime safety in the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, and Bab al-Mandab Strait are unfounded allegations against Sana’a, part of a futile media campaign.

The statement reiterated Sana’a’s commitment to adhering to international agreements and treaties governing maritime navigation in the region. It asserted that navigation in the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, and Bab al-Mandab Strait remains secure, except for routes leading to Israeli ports, which are blocked as a humanitarian response to Israel’s aggression against Gaza’s civilians.

The Ministry highlighted that Yemen’s naval forces are fulfilling their duty to defend the Palestinian people and break the siege on Gaza. They have consistently cautioned maritime shipping companies against approaching Israeli ports until the siege is lifted.

The Ministry criticized the 12-nation coalition for complicity in the tragedy faced by the Palestinian people and for backing Israel’s criminal actions.

The statement affirmed Yemen’s unwavering commitment to continue preventing ships from heading to Israeli ports until the inhumane blockade on Gaza is lifted, fulfilling its humanitarian and moral obligations.

It squarely places responsibility on the US administration and its allies for any resulting consequences and repercussions, as these threats endanger international peace and security. Moreover, it exposes these countries’ interests to the ire of the global community and regional populations.

The Ministry concluded by emphasizing that Yemen’s leadership and people will remain resolute and unaffected by any pressure or threats aimed at halting its naval blockade of the Zionist enemy. The primary objective remains ensuring an end to the aggression and facilitating the unimpeded entry of food aid and fuel into the Gaza Strip.