MR.Mohammed Abdulsalam: Washington’s insistence on supporting Israel against Gaza could spark regional explosions


The Head of the National Delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam, affirmed on Sunday that the statements made by US officials regarding developments in the Red Sea, portraying it as a threat to global interests, are a US attempt to divert attention from the Israeli massacres against the people of Gaza. This is something that the whole world should be aware of.

Abdulsalam pointed out that the insistence of the ruling elites in Washington on supporting Israel against Gaza could trigger explosions in the region.

He emphasized that America must bear the consequences of this arrogance and realize that its military presence in the Red Sea will not prevent Yemen from continuing its support for the Palestinian resistance in Gaza.

The United States has offered untrammeled support for Israel since October 7, when the occupying entity waged the bloody war on Gaza following a historic operation by the Palestinian Hamas resistance group.

Since the start of the offensive, Israel has killed at least 22,835 Palestinians, mostly women and children, and injured 58,416 others.

In solidarity with the Palestinians in besieged Gaza, the Yemeni Armed Forces have targeted ships in the Red Sea with owners linked to Israel or those going to and from ports in the occupied territories.

In November, they seized the Israel-leased cargo ship Galaxy Leader and turned it into a tourist attraction.

The US has formed a multinational military coalition against Yemeni forces in the Red Sea, through which 12 percent of global trade passes.