President Mahdi al-Mashat: US and UK will pay heavy price for their aggression


The president of the Supreme Political Council Mahdi al-Mashat said the unjustified American-Zionist and British aggression against Yemen violates all laws and they will pay a heavy price.

“ Yemeni blood is precious and our revenge does not last. The criminal American-Zionist and British aggression will not dissuade Yemen from its support and supportive position for Palestine,” President al-Mashat said in a statement on Friday.

He confirmed that the Yemeni armed forces will continue to prevent Israeli ships or ships heading to occupied Palestine, whatever it may be,

Al-Mashat held the Americans and the British responsible for the militarization of international shipping.

“ We say to our brothers in Palestine and our people in Gaza that our blood is not more precious than your blood, and we are clear in conscience that we are actually participating with you,” he said in the statement.

He added, “ Palestine is not the one being bombed alone, and we affirm that Palestine will not be in the battle alone after today. We will prove to the Americans and the British that Yemen is a graveyard for invaders.”

Al-Mashat saluted the masses of the great Yemeni people who came out in millions of marches in Al-Sabeen Square in the capital, Sana’a, and in various governorates.

He concluded his statement by saying: “ The solution is to stop the American-backed Israeli aggression against the brothers in Gaza, not the aggression against Yemen.”