Supreme Political Council: All US-UK interests are now legitimate targets for Yemeni Armed Forces


The Supreme Political Council of Yemen has officially declared that all US-UK interests are considered legitimate targets for the Yemeni Armed Forces in response to the direct and overt aggression against Yemen.

In a statement, the Supreme Political Council emphasized that the treacherous and blatant US-UK aggression, which occurred at dawn on Friday, is both illegal and unjustified, violating numerous international laws.

The Council highlighted that this aggression is an extension of the treacherous American targeting of the Yemeni Naval Forces, the US-UK Zionist aggression against the people of Gaza, and the aggression launched against Yemen since March 2015. This behavior is deemed shameless and crude, deserving condemnation and rejection.

Furthermore, the Council underscored that this attack poses a genuine threat to international peace and security, exposing the region to real dangers, the consequences of which will be borne by the Americans, the British, and the Zionists.

“The Yemeni response is legitimate within the framework of the sacred defense of Yemen, its sovereignty, independence, and freedom of decision-making,” the statement conveyed. “The Americans and the British should not believe that they will escape the punishment of our heroic Armed Forces. The joy of the aggressors will not be long, and our hand will be the upper hand, Allah willing, by seeking the help of Alla Almighty and trusting in Him.”

It reiterated that all American-British interests are now considered legitimate targets for the Yemeni Armed Forces in response to the direct and declared aggression against Yemen.

“The American and British presence, along with those who allied with them under false pretenses in the Red Sea and Bab al-Mandab, is unacceptable and violates all laws. It is a definite threat to international navigation, and Yemen is committed to dealing with it appropriately,” the Council said.

Emphasizing Yemen’s commitment to its announced naval operation aimed at ending the siege, halting the aggression against Gaza, and ensuring the delivery of essential supplies, the Council affirmed the continuation of measures in the Red Sea and Bab al-Mandab to prevent the passage of Israeli ships or those carrying goods to the occupied Palestinian ports, regardless of the cost.

The Council issued a warning to all Arab regimes, particularly neighboring countries, against involvement in supporting the American, British, and Zionist attacks on Yemen. It also called on the free people of the world to condemn the treacherous and cowardly attack on Yemen, highlighting the extinct colonial mentality in light of the inability of the Security Council and other international institutions to fulfill their duties.