Yemeni Parliament: Despite US-British aggression, Yemen stands in solidarity with Palestine


The Yemeni Parliament condemned in the strongest terms the aggression carried out by the American-British enemy and its coalition on Sanaa and several provinces, in a statement issued Friday.

The Parliament considered this barbaric aggression a violation of Yemeni sovereignty, a disregard for international norms, treaties, and laws, and a terrorization of their citizens.
This aggression comes within the framework of expanding the conflict and threatening regional security, as well as supporting and assisting the occupying and criminal Israeli entity.

It denounced the double standards in the biased and blind resolution of the Security Council, driven by the United States and Britain, in line with the American thirst for shedding more innocent blood in the occupied Palestinian territories.

“The American veto has prevented the issuance of a ceasefire resolution in Gaza, turning the Security Council into a tool in the hands of the forces of global arrogance to exercise their arrogance and tyranny over the free peoples of the world. The latest example of this is the blatant aggression on our country, without any legal or moral justification, resulting from the votes of the American and Israeli-controlled Security Council,” the statement read.

The parliament also said “While America and Britain abstained from voting on a resolution to cease fire in the Gaza Strip and allow humanitarian aid, they rushed to vote on a resolution condemning Yemen for preventing Israeli ships from reaching Israel. This revealed the barbarity, ugliness, and racism of the Security Council in dealing with the Israeli aggression on Gaza, the killing of innocent civilians, and the destruction of their homes, as well as the denial of water, food, and medicine to them.”

The statement emphasized that this blatant and brutal aggression has no justification whatsoever, as Sanaa has repeatedly affirmed that navigation in the Red Sea is secure except for Israeli ships.

It affirmed that the criminal American-British aggression will not deter Yemen from its supportive position towards the Palestinians.

The statement also pointed out that this barbaric aggression confirms the correctness of the Yemeni position, which stems from a firm conviction and a sense of religious, human, and ethical responsibility in supporting the Palestinian people and their exposure to massacres, brutal wars, and the targeting of women and children.

Denouncing the world’s silence regarding war on Gaza, the statement questioned whether the world is waiting for the genocide of the Palestinian people to take action without any assistance. How can America grant itself the right to assist the criminals of the Zionist entity and prevent Yemen’s right to support Palestinians?

The statement reiterated its support for the legitimate right of the Yemeni people to defend and respond within the framework of the Holy Defense Battle for Yemen, its sovereignty, independence, and freedom.

It expressed its support and endorsement for all the choices made by the leader of the revolution in confronting this barbaric aggression.