100 Thousand Palestinians are martyred, missing or wounded


The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Observatory said that about one hundred thousand Palestinians are among the martyrs, missing and wounded. Including those with long-term disabilities, on the 100th day of the genocide committed by the Israeli enemy in the Gaza Strip.

Euro-Med stated in a statement – today, Sunday – that its preliminary statistics indicate that 31,497 Palestinians were martyred as of yesterday evening, Saturday, noting that 28,951 of the victims of the Israeli air and artillery attacks on the Gaza Strip are civilians, meaning approximately 92% of the total victims, including 12,345. Children, 6,471 women, in addition to 295 health workers, 41 civil defense members, and 113 journalists, while 61,079 were injured with various injuries, including hundreds in serious condition.

Euro-Med highlighted that its numbers include – in addition to the statistics of the Palestinian Ministry of Health – the numbers of thousands of victims who are still under the rubble of destroyed buildings and who have been there for more than 14 days, indicating the chances of them not surviving and losing them permanently.

At the same time, there are still hundreds of lifeless bodies in the streets and roads, and they cannot be recovered due to the ongoing Israeli military attacks, and they have not yet been definitively counted and included in the number of victims.

The Observatory reported that about 1,955,000 Palestinians were forcibly displaced from their homes and residential areas in the Gaza Strip without the availability of safe shelter, i.e. 85% of the total population of the Strip, while the ongoing Israeli bombing completely destroyed about 69,700 housing units, and 187,300 housing units.

Partially residential, which prevents the forcibly displaced from returning to their homes in a realistic and short-term sense.

The Observatory for Human Rights explained that “Israel” is deliberately destroying and causing serious damage to infrastructure facilities in the Gaza Strip, including so far targeting 320 schools, 1,671 industrial facilities and 183 health facilities, including 23 hospitals, 59 clinics, 92 ambulances, 239 mosques and 3 churches, in addition to To 170 press and media headquarters.

The Euro-Mediterranean Observatory said that Israel insists on escalating its military attacks that intentionally target Palestinian civilians, and expanding its geographical area to include all areas of the Gaza Strip, causing the forced displacement of the vast majority of the population, leaving them without securing any shelter centers that provide the necessities of life and safety.

He stressed that this violates the most established and binding rules of international law, both customary and written, to the extent that it amounts to committing grave violations, crimes against humanity and war crimes, all of which fall within the framework of Israel’s implementation of the crime of genocide against the Gaza Strip and its residents.

The Euro-Mediterranean Monitor stressed the importance of the step taken by South Africa by filing a complaint against Israel and accusing it of committing the crime of genocide before the International Court of Justice, considering it a historical precedent and a first step in the process of holding Israel accountable at the international judicial level, breaking its immunity, and holding it accountable for the crimes it commits against the Palestinian people.

He stressed that the lawsuit put real pressure on Israel, and that it would have more costly political, legal, and moral consequences for Israel and its allies, especially if the court decided to take urgent, temporary measures, as an initial stage.