Yemen Reaffirms Support for Palestine, Denounces US Attempts to Mislead the World


Sana’a, the capital of Yemen, has once again stated its support for the people of Palestine. This includes taking strong military actions. At the same time, Sana’a is standing up to the United States, which is trying to get other countries to turn against Yemen. Sana’a is working to stop these actions, which are based on false pretexts. Meanwhile, data shows that ships are still able to travel as usual in both directions through the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea.

The head of the national delegation, Mohammed Abdul Salam, stated on the “X” platform on Monday evening, “In the face of the blatant American attempts to mislead the world about what is happening in the Red Sea, Washington is trying to fabricate an international crisis to hold Yemen accountable for its consequences without any right. We reiterate that the target is Israeli ships or those heading to the occupied Palestinian ports in support of the Palestinian people by pressuring Israel to stop its criminal and fascist aggression against Gaza and lift the unjust siege.”

He added, “Therefore, we urge all countries to reassure themselves about the Yemeni position and not allow themselves to be victims of American deception.”

The United States is trying to promote false propaganda about the risks to international navigation due to Yemen’s maritime operations and to create a global problem through the militarization of the Red Sea and pressure on some companies to change their course in the sea. This is in order to blackmail the countries of the world to push them towards supporting the American military action against Yemen.

Abdul Salam said, “America must stop the process of escaping from the responsibility of stopping the aggression on Gaza towards fabricating crises that everyone doesn’t want.”

He affirmed that “Yemen, acting on the principle of the right to self-defense, will not allow its sovereignty to be violated and will not remain idle in the face of any aggression it is subjected to.”

On his part, member of the national delegation Abdul Malik Al-Ajri confirmed on Monday evening, “Dozens of ships crossed the Red Sea safely today despite the American intimidation and pressure on shipping companies to change their course.”

Ship tracking sites confirm this, showing the presence of hundreds of ships along the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, as well as the presence of dozens of ships south of the Red Sea, where they cross the Bab al-Mandab Strait in both directions without any obstacles.

Ship tracking sites also show that dozens of them have now put on their identifiers phrases (We have no relation to Israel or the United States), which clearly reflects the shipping companies’ realization of the fact that the targeted ships in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea are those associated with the Zionist enemy and its patrons, which were identified by Sana’a and the Yemeni leadership.

Data from a ship tracking company revealed that the carriers whose course is being diverted are mostly those leased by companies run by American entities or associated with Israel, according to what Reuters agency reported weeks ago.

Al-Ajri explained that “just as the American coalition failed, the government of Sana’a and the Yemeni navy are ready to cooperate with all interested countries such as China, India, Egypt, European Union countries, and countries bordering the Red Sea to secure the movement of ships and thwart American attempts to transfer confrontations to the Red Sea.”

He affirmed that “America does not want to stop the war on Gaza and at the same time it wants to impose the passage of transport ships to the Israeli entity or create chaos that threatens the safety of other ships, it does not care about the vital interests of other countries as chaos in the Red Sea will not affect much on American exports that mainly pass through the Atlantic Ocean.”

According to “Bloomberg”, insurance companies also became aware of the situation in the Red Sea, where they began to refuse to cover the risks of any Israeli, American, and British ships; which clearly means that everyone in the shipping sector now knows for sure that the ships exposed to targeting are those associated with the Zionist enemy or associated with the aggressor parties on Yemen.