Leader of Revolution praises positions of Djibouti, countries of world in supporting Gaza, rejecting attack on Yemen


The Leader of the Yemeni Revolution, Sayyid Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, praised all countries in the world that have a clear voice attesting that the Red Sea operations are linked to the situation in Gaza.

In a televised speech this evening, Sayyid Abdul-Malik appreciated the positions of the countries bordering the Red Sea that did not get involved with America in its aggression against Yemen to support Israel.

He also praised the countries that rejected the American use of their lands to attack the Yemeni people and saluted the President of Djibouti, who refused to use his country to launch raids on Yemen and announced his explicit position in support of the oppressed Palestinian people.

“America is trying to involve the rest of the countries with it in order to serve the Israeli enemy, and European countries must be careful,” Sayyid Abdul-Malik said.

He confirmed that Yemen’s operations at sea aim to pressure the entry of food and medical supplies and humanitarian needs to Gaza.

The revolution leader advised all countries to leave “the British, the servile subordinate of the American, alone, and leave the American alone,” indicating that America is adopting a strategy of implicating others and blackmailing them to reduce the cost and consequences of its bad, aggressive positions.

He also stressed that “the American failure in the strategy of implicating others will be an important part of his failure in multiple directions,” noting that as long as the Israeli aggression and siege on Gaza continue, all activities in Yemen will continue.

Regarding the Yemeni military operation against the Zionist entity, Sayyid Abdul-Malik said that the impacts of these operations had doubled the losses of the Zionist economy.

” The “Israeli” Ministry of Economy and Industry admitted that Red Sea operations harmed its trade relations with 14 countries. ”

“Our Sea operations led to a 25% decline in the total imports of the entity from products in the past months. The “Israeli” enemy admitted that it lost the competitive ability of its exports, which is a significant decline in its economy,” he elaborated.

He added, ” International shipping companies have refrained from dealing with the “Israeli” enemy and no longer respond to it in transporting its goods. International ship insurance companies refused to insure ships heading towards the ports of occupied Palestine.”

“Insurance companies require “Israeli” and American ships to pay additional amounts up to 50%, which reaches a percentage of the ship’s value itself.”

The enemies are in real loss and a genuine dilemma, their attacks are futile and have only negative consequences and impacts on themselves, he stated.

Regarding the enemy airstrikes on Yemen, Sayyied Abduil-Malik said that the enemy’s airstrikes on the country this week reached 40 raids, most of them on the governorate of Hodeidah and some on the governorate of Saada.

Sayyied Abdul-Malik urged the European countries not to heed the American or British.”They should not involve themselves in matters that do not concern or affect them.”

The Leader of the Revolution called on the Yemeni people to take part tomorrow, Friday, in the rallies at Al-Sabaeen Square in the capital Sana’a, as well as in other provinces.