Palestinian civilians killed by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza

A number of Palestinian citizens, including children and women, were killed and injured on Wednesday in airstrikes launched by occupation aircraft and artillery shelling that targeted various areas of the Gaza Strip, which has been subjected to an ongoing brutal aggression for the 131st day in a row.
Health sources said that several citizens, including children and women, were killed and injured as a result of an Israeli bombing of a site east of Deir al-Balah, adding that Israeli drones targeted a house in Nuseirat in the middle of the Gaza Strip.
Al-Qarara area, northeast of Khan Yunis, in the south of the Gaza Strip, came under fire from Israeli helicopters, coinciding with heavy gunfire east of Al-Maghazi.
The Ministry of Health said earlier yesterday evening that three  citizens were killed and 10 others were injured inside the Nasser Medical Complex by Israeli sniper bullets.
Six citizens, including children and women, were killed on Tuesday evening, in a raid launched by the Israeli occupation aircraft on a civilian vehicle on Al-Jalaa Street, north of Gaza City.
A citizen was killed and another injured, in a bombing by Israeli drones that targeted the vicinity of Ali bin Abi Talib Mosque in the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood in Gaza City.
The Israeli occupation army committed 16 massacres against families in the Gaza Strip, claiming the lives of 133 and injuring 162 others during the past 24 hours, bringing the non-final toll since October 7 to 28,473 slain civilians and 68,146 injured.