Insane Organization Condemns US-UK Aggression on Yemen


Insani Organization for Rights and Freedoms condemned on Sunday the unlawful drone attacks conducted by the United States and the United Kingdom on the capital Sana’a and other cities, resulting in one fatality and eight injuries.

The organization stated that these attacks flagrantly violate international law and constitute unwarranted acts of aggression, emphasizing that the airstrikes deliberately targeted densely populated civilian areas in Sana’a, causing significant material damage to homes and properties of civilians.

The organization called upon the US and the UK to cease their disregard for international laws, respect the sovereignty of nations, and refrain from using military force against civilian populations.

Insani Organization for Rights and Freedoms held the US and Britain accountable for exacerbating the situation and broadening the conflict’s scope.

Furthermore, it urged the United Nations, countries worldwide, and human rights organizations to break their silence regarding these violations.