Ansarullah condemns Zionist genocidal mass murder of Palestinian during aid distribution in Gaza


The Political Bureau of Ansarullah strongly condemned and denounced the crime of genocide committed by the Zionist entity in the Al-Nabulsi roundabout in the Gaza Strip, which has so far resulted in more than 100 martyrs and 700 wounded during aid distribution.

In a statement obtained by Yemen News Agency (Saba), Political Bureau of Ansarullah said that this brutal crime is further evidence of the level of Zionist savagery and hatred, and it is part of the series of brutal targeting and genocides carried out by the Zionists against the Palestinian people in Gaza.

The Zionist entity has committed thousands of massacres that shame the forehead of humanity and are truly a disgrace and a stain on the face of the international community and international organizations that pay lip service international law and human rights, the statement read.

“These massacres represent a betrayal and a thunderous moral downfall for the Arab and Islamic regimes that have failed to support the Palestinian people,” the statement said, adding that “this brutal crime is a further immersion in the operations of killing and genocide; those who did not fall as martyrs due to hunger and siege fell as martyrs by the Zionist criminal fire.”

According to the statement, the United States bears full moral and legal responsibility for the continuation of the crimes of this Zionist entity against the Palestinian people, as it provides the Zionist criminality with support, protection, military, political, media, and logistical backing, the latest of which was the American opposition to a United Nations Security Council resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza for humanitarian reasons. This American veto against stopping the war in Gaza serves as a testament to the extent of political cover provided by America to support Zionist criminality.

Ansarullah called upon the peoples of the Arab and Islamic nation and the free people of the world to take up their religious, moral, and humanitarian responsibility towards our brothers in Gaza, to take practical action, and to take effective steps that oblige the “Israeli” enemy to stop its crimes and lift its siege on the Palestinian people in Gaza