Yemeni People Vow Retribution for American Corruption, Repel Occupation Attempts


Member of the Supreme Political Council, Mohammed Al-Houthi affirmed on Saturday that the United States, which spreads corruption in Yemen’s land and seas, will face punishment.

During the Promised Day Maneuver for units from the Central Region, Al-Houthi clarified that this maneuver did not emerge out of nowhere but is rooted in the Quranic culture carried by the heroes.

“We are sending a military message to the Americans from this region confirming that their arrogance will be crushed,” he stated.

He pointed out that the Americans cannot occupy the mountains and plains of Yemen, and the Armed Forces protecting them will defeat the Americans.

He explained that Sayyed Abdulmalik welcomes direct confrontation with the Americans, and if this is his stance, it reflects the stance of the Armed Forces who submit to him.

Al-Houthi addressed the US, UK, and Israel, stating, “What we have prepared for you is rooted in the Quranic culture upon which our army and people stand. The Al-Aqsa Storm will only be a small part of what our people and army are prepared for.”