Researcherexposes alarming trend: Yemeni antiquities looted, sold in Israeli auctions


Yemeni researcher Abdullah Mohsen has uncovered evidence of looted Yemeni antiquities appearing in public auctions within Israel.

Mohsen, a specialized researcher in tracking looted Yemeni artifacts, revealed on his Facebook page that six Yemeni antiquities are scheduled for sale in an Israeli auction on April 25th. Notably, Israeli archaeologist Robert Deutsch has been consistently offering Yemeni artifacts on the international auction platform “Bidsbury” for nine years.

These artifacts, belonging to Zionist collector Shlomo Moussaiev, include historical pieces that have been unlawfully acquired. The looting of Yemeni antiquities has surged since the onset of the US-Saudi aggression on Yemen.

A report by the Huhud Center for Archaeological Studies highlighted over 2,600 Yemeni artifacts sold during this period, with a significant portion auctioned in the United States, totaling over $12 million. The Israeli market ranked third in sales, with around 500 archaeological items auctioned.

Additionally, the report documented over four thousand Yemeni pieces sold in Western countries through 16 global auctions between 1991 and 2022, underscoring a widespread issue.

This rampant plunder has led to the systematic destruction of archaeological and tourist sites in Yemen. The US-Saudi aggression has devastated approximately 270 archaeological sites and 360 tourist facilities, reflecting a deliberate policy targeting Yemen’s heritage.

The savage war that claimed human lives and destroyed the stones in this country did not spare Yemen’s history, which bears witness to the deep roots of this land and the authenticity of its citizens.