A rare lamp from Yemen is sold after 4 days in New York


Yemeni antiquities expert Abdullah Mohsen revealed the sale of a rare Yemeni antiquity at a public auction in America.

Mohsen said in a post on his Facebook page: At an auction held on the evening of Sunday, March 24, 2024 AD in New York City, in the United States, a rare lamp from the antiquities of Yemen, made of limestone and illuminated by oil, is being offered for sale “in the shape of a bearded man, sitting with his legs bent at On his knees, a round filling hole at the top of his head, and a ring at the back of his neck, his arms are wrapped around a turtle sticking out from his lap, its head forming the 12.4 cm high nozzle.”

Mohsen added the lamp from the first century BC, from the private German collection that acquired it in 1985 AD, and it was sold at Christie’s auction on June 4, 2008 AD to Robert Haber, who in turn is offering it for sale at the current auction.