Revolution leader: Summer courses come on basis of faith identity of Yemeni people within the framework of Islamic, civilized and liberating project


The revolution leader revolution Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi on Saturday confirmed that what distinguishes the summer courses in Yemen is that they come on the basis of the faith identity of the Yemeni people within the framework of a liberal, Islamic and civilizational project.

Al-Houthi’s speech came on the occasion of the inauguration of the summer courses for 1445 AH.

He said “The Yemeni people have an existing project that stems from their faith identity and freedom from dependency on enemies, and they do not live in a state of vacuum as is the unfortunate situation that most of the peoples who do not have an Islamic project …”

Al-Houthi said that the summer courses is important because they come within the framework of an Islamic civilizational project and rely on divine instructions and principles and belong to the faith identity, which is an important advantage that gives everything its value, positivity and fruitfulness.

He called on the concerned and relevant authorities to provide support for the summer courses and to take the initiative in fulfilling their obligations towards the courses.

Al-Houthi pointed out that the summer courses must have be funded to the important requirements at the maximum, minimum and necessary levels in every sense of the word.

The leader urged parents to support their children, feel responsible for the courses, and follow up on their situation during the study period in the summer courses.

He stressed the importance of cooperation through community initiatives according to ability to contribute to supporting the summer courses and making them successful.

Al-Houthi urged not to be influenced by enemies’ rumors and their media mouthpieces, noting that “the enemies are disturbed by the summer courses, and their media outlets usually start organized campaigns attacking the courses and those responsible for them.”

He called on everyone to attend and encourage the holding of summer courses and for their members, young men and women, in activities, events, and evenings, and to motivate and encourage students to join them.

The leader called for the necessity of adopting field visits for scholars, personalities, and destinations for the summer courses, in a way that enhances the motivation of students and young people to continue in them and receive activities that benefit them in their scientific lives.

Sayyed Abdulmalik al-Houthi directed those who had cultural and scientific capabilities, teachers and summer school workers to contribute to the courses creatively and scientifically.

The Revolution leader stressed the need for those who start teaching and contributing to the summer courses to master their work, be keen to perform the task in a sophisticated manner, provide what is useful, and make every effort to be useful, serious, and interested in the issue of teaching and preparation, and to have an interesting and modern style of teaching.

He urged workers and teachers in summer courses to embody a good example in dealing with students in religious and practical commitment.

The leader also urged students and young people enrolled in summer courses so as to invest the opportunity and time in faith programs to benefit from the summer programs which will be included i the religious, cultural and scientific aspects.

Mr. Al-Houthi stressed the importance of institutions and media outlets playing their role in encouraging, paying attention to and interacting with summer courses, highlighting their importance, keeping pace with them and covering their programs and events.

He directed those involved in the summer courses in the public administration and its branches to ensure that schools are ready to start the courses, to keep up with and inspect them from the beginning, to know the progress of programs and activities and to avoid mistakes and problems early.

He explained that there is no project on earth to liberate man from slavery except the Islamic project and the foundation upon which the summer courses in our country are built in their educational, pedagogical and recreational activities.

The leader pointed out that the summer vacation deserves to be called a golden stage in the field of education, consolidating concepts, behavioral and moral evaluation, and acquiring maturity and knowledge.

He said “Summer courses in our country have a very important advantage because the educational and cultural title is the interest to all people in the whole world,” indicating that the educational, guidance and cultural process in various parts of the world is exploited by many misguided groups to deviate and corrupt people.

He explained that the educational, guidance and cultural process is exploited to control a person intellectually and culturally, in order to control him in the course of his/her life, and enslave him/her in the reality of his/her life.

Al-Houthi cited the reality of Saudi Arabia, which modified its school curricula and made the main pillar and ceiling of its modification process the subject of Zionist Jews and “Israel.”

He expressed his regret for the situation that al-Saud has reached, which reached the point of removing Qur’anic verses that talk about the crimes of the Jews or exposing them and revealing their reality to people and warning against them, changing some of the meanings of Qur’anic verses and removing prophetic hadiths, either completely or in a part in a way to please the Zionist enemy.

The revolution leader stated that the goal of al-Saud has become appeasement of Israel, and this is a great injustice to generations, adding al-Saud have provided what will domesticate an entire generation to the Israeli enemy and transform its view of the enemy as a friend, and that the correct position is the relationship, partnership, and cooperation with it.

He pointed out that one of the Saudi leaders went so far as to say that “the Israeli enemy is the future ally,” wondering, “What injustice is there to generations when they are presented with curricula directed at the educational process to domesticate the Israeli enemy, which we see what it is doing in the Gaza Strip?!!.”

He added “We see how hostile the Zionist enemy is to Islam and Muslims, and the extent of his hatred for Arabs and Muslims. The Zionist Jews have the slogan of death to the Arabs, and it is a slogan they chant, write, and proceed on the basis of.”

Sayyed Abdulmalik al-Houthi confirmed that the UAE did what Saudi Arabia did, and its school curricula began to speak with love and admiration about the Zionist enemy, and it raised its generation and children to be accepting of the Israelis as friends, allies, and partners in everything.

Al-Houthi warned of the wave of domestication of generations that is heading to other Arab countries, in which the issues of building on the basis of their pride and dignity are absent, pointing out that the negative and bad concepts that domesticate generations and tamper with youth are presented in the educational process, schools, media, and various activities, which brings the nation and its children downward and increases their subservience and domestication of enemies.

He said “The Israeli enemy does not change anything in its curricula and educational policy, and raises its children with extreme hostility towards Muslims. The hostility of the Jews continues from childhood to old age towards Muslims and their negative view and hatred of them, so that hostility and hatred towards the people of the nation and the effort to fight them within a hostile program of action to control, exploit and belittle the nation…”

He considered establishing justice and embodying values and morals among the sacred responsibilities in life, and God’s instructions are linked to the civilizational aspect and providing a model among human society.

Al-Houthi pointed out that Islamic civilization depends on divine principles and values to build up the earth, establish justice, and embody morals and values, while Western civilization is dominated by barbarism and crime and everything is permissible.

The leader criticized Western civilization, which removes morals from human reality until the issue of abnormality turns into a legalized issue, stressing that the infidel West is trying to spread its civilization to the rest of societies.

He explained that the divine project is an integrated project that elevates man in all aspects of life, and the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family, moved with the message and under God’s guidance and signs, to perform this sacred mission to teach, guide and purify humanity, and changed society from a primitive, dispersed society to a society united by God and linked to God’s guidance and instructions, at the forefront of all nations on the ground and empires fall before him.

He said “The more the nation has carried and interacted with the divine instructions, the more it distinguishes itself from all nations,” pointing out that the nation has slowly retreated from the instructions and denied God’s guidance, after the death of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family, until it reached what it has reached in this era.

The leader revolution stressed that the illiteracy of many of the elites of society in the current era is more dangerous than the illiteracy of the first pre-Islamic era and is a state of inverted concepts, wrong perceptions, and an unwise outlook, which requires everyone to return to the Holy Qur’an, the guidance of God Almighty, the light of God, and His blessed instructions, correction, and change to build a renaissance and an Islamic civilization based on the correct Quranic concepts.

He continued “It cannot be said that the causes of Muslims in their diaspora, division, and backwardness are due to the Qur’an or to Islam, but rather they are due to their ignorance, deviation, misunderstanding, and the wrong cultures in their perceptions and ideas, which changed their view of religion, life, reality, people, enemies, and others, and brought them to what they have reached.”

Al-Houthi expressed the hope that the fruit will be in the emerging generation, which will be a generation that possesses awareness, is wise, mature, intelligent, free, and a believer, and that tends to acquire knowledge for work, and to build an Islamic civilization with a jihadist orientation. The Muslim nation in this generation will be strong and will not depend on enemies for its strength, food, and necessary life requirements, and will produce all… the moral and material strength it needs, and it takes the necessary steps to confront its enemies, protect itself, and fulfill its sacred responsibility.

The leader stated that global Zionism targets young people, children, and human society to corrupt, dilute, waste, and destroy concepts, ideas, and cultures, indicating that the soft war of global Zionism did not stop with European societies, with the corruption and moral decadence they have reached, but it extended to focus on Muslim children in European countries.

He continued “Muslim children in Europe are forcibly kidnapped to places designated to poison their ideas, indoctrinate them with their misguidance, falsehood, and disbelief, and raise them on moral corruption and homosexuality. Thus, they fall behind human dignity, which is the worst form of backwardness.”

He added “The infidel West has begun to live a life worse than the life of animals, which is a terrible and hideous condition. It is targeting our youth and adolescents by all means and methods in a soft war on the intellectual and cultural levels, concepts, perceptions and beliefs, with various capabilities and means unprecedented in human history, through satellite channels and the Internet.”

The revolution leader stressed the need to strive to protect young people and children from the dangers of soft war, which is promoted by the West, especially through organizations that play a role in this aspect.

resource : Saba