Pro-Palestinian protests held across the world


Many Western and Arab capitals have witnessed massive protests condemning the crimes committed by the Zionist entity against Palestinians.

In Italy, hundreds of citizens staged a demonstration in Milan, demanding an end to the ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza. Participants affirmed their continued support for Gaza and standing by it against the continuous aggression.

In the Danish capital, Copenhagen, thousands of citizens demonstrated, praising the resilience of Gaza despite the bombardment, destruction, and starvation war.

During the demonstration, Palestinian flags were raised, participants denounced the massacres committed by the occupation against civilians in Gaza, demanding accountability for its crimes.

In Geneva, hundreds of people protested, condemning the international community’s failure to stop the war on Gaza, condemning the support of the United States and the West for the occupying entity.

Protesters called for an end to the war and the delivery of aid to the people of the besieged Gaza Strip, threatened by famine.

The city of Malmo, Sweden, also witnessed a massive solidarity demonstration with Gaza, condemning the ongoing Israeli aggression.

Participants called for an end to bloodshed in Gaza as soon as possible and a cessation of hostilities.

Thousands of protesters in the French capital, Paris, demanded an immediate halt to the war in the Gaza Strip and the entry of aid to the besieged population.

Protesters denounced the genocidal war perpetrated by the occupation against the people of Gaza and international complicity with it.

They also called on the United States and Western countries to stop supplying weapons to Israel.

Tunisians held protest in front of the US embassy, condemning the US support for the Israeli occupation.

Organizations and political forces, including the Tunisian Network to Combat Normalization and the Tunisian Association for Tolerance, participated in the demonstration to demand the expulsion of the US ambassador from Tunisia