Ansarullah calls for humanitarian intervention of international community to stop Gaza genocide


Ansarullah’s Political Bureau appealed on Monday to the world community to take humanitarian action to stop the Zionist crimes committed against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

“The genocidal crimes that the Palestinian people are facing in Gaza and the occupied West Bank reflect an unparalleled level of Zionist hatred and crime, the bureau said in a statement.

“Without American and Western support, the shameful Arab silence, and the international inaction, the Zionist crimes against the Palestinian people would not have occurred,” the statement added.

It affirmed the Yemeni people’s stance to continue to support the Palestinian people and their valiant resistance in Gaza.

The office’s statement expressed its hope that the Yemeni armed forces would escalate their operations against Zionist shipping and those linked with it in the Red and Arab Seas and the Indian Ocean.