Revolution Leader confirms endeavor to expand & strengthen Yemeni operations in Indian Ocean


The revolution leader , Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, affirmed the endeavor to expand and strengthen Yemeni military operations in the Indian Ocean in a way that was not in the minds and calculations of the Americans, the British, the Israelis, and perhaps all countries of the world.

Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi said in his speech today,Thursday, about the latest developments in Palestine and regional developments, “There is a continuous effort to expand and strengthen Yemeni military operations in its new theater, which it extended to in the Indian Ocean, opposite the Gulf of Aden, in a way that was never in the minds and calculations of the Americans, the British, and the Israelis and perhaps all countries of the world.”

He called on the Yemenis to go out in their millions tomorrow, Friday, in the squares in the capital, Sana’a, and the provinces, according to the approved arrangements, in response to God, in loyalty to the Palestinians in Gaza , the occupied territories, and in support of the nation’s central and primary cause.

He added, “What we hope from our dear people, with their faith, loyalty, and piety to God Almighty, is to continue with great momentum in the squares, and to continue the mobilization, considering that the chanting of millions of Yemeni people for Gaza is the chanting of the throats of honest and patient men with the slogan, ‘You are not alone,’ with determination and not just a chant in Air, rather, they are words that express a position and a decision, and he is with you until victory.”

He continued, “Millions going out in the squares is appropriate for our people because it embodies the credibility of faith affiliation,” stressing the necessity of going beyond the enemies’ view of free peoples to witness a reality that does not accept weakness, retreat, or boredom. He pointed out that “the enemies’ assessment of our peoples is that they suffer from boredom and weak memory.” “Tame the events and do not react again except to harsher and more difficult events.”

He added, “In the face of the war of genocide, systematic starvation, and siege in Gaza, it is not appropriate for us to put down flags, sit in houses, and refrain from even attending in the squares, simply because of boredom, laziness, or inappropriate apathy that has no place at all in bearing faith and human values.”

Sayyed Leader went on to say, “The values of our people are authentic and have been carried by generation after generation, and this is evident in what we see in the squares from people up to the age of eighty, carrying great interaction, determination, patience, a great desire , motivation to attend and participate in support of Palestine and Gaza.”

He continued, “There is a continuous presence in the countryside despite the difficulty of the rough roads, but citizens are keen to attend and participate effectively , go out to participate in marches and demonstrations.”

The Yemeni exit was considered to embody the faith affiliation to raise the banner of jihad for the sake of God and the comprehensive movement at all levels of boycotting American, Zionist , European goods , products, the continuation of donations and weekly exit.

Sayyed Leader urged everyone to bear the responsibility to maintain their stance in supporting the Palestinians in Gaza and the occupied territories, stressing that the scenes of genocide in Gaza are enough for anyone who has a shred of conscience left to go out to the squares, even every day, not just on Friday.

The revolution leader explained that the million-man protest last week took place in 173 marches, despite the rainfall in the capital, Sana’a, and some provinces.

The Yemeni people had never demonstrated such a million-man protest at this level, week after week, continuously.

He stressed the continuation of mobilization activities in military preparation, training and military rehabilitation at the level of suffering of the Palestinians, and it is important to continue following the events in Palestine and not ignore them as if they are events that do not concern us.

He added, “There are children who participate with responsibility, a sense of humanity, and an unparalleled readiness. If our people were allowed to go to Palestine , safe roads and corridors were opened for them, our people would move in the hundreds of thousands to the battle fronts.

Likewise, if the Americans were involved and opened a ground battle, thousands, tens, and hundreds of thousands of those who belong to the faith and are fortunate would be seen moving.” With the honor of the Prophet’s Medal for their loyalty, patience, determination, steadfastness, masculinity, chivalry, pride, stance, and presence where the situation and responsibility require attendance in the arenas.”

He reviewed the ongoing Yemeni front facing the American-British Zionist enemy, stressing that the number of ships targeted by the Yemeni armed forces reached 102 ships during 202 days of the American-Zionist-European aggression against Gaza, and the rate of Yemeni operations in targeting ships linked to the Israeli enemy reached one ship every two days. .

He reiterated the inability of the American , British enemy and those cooperating with them, despite continuous and intensive monitoring, to provide protection for the movement of ships linked to the Zionist enemy. He considered targeting 102 ships linked to the enemy an important achievement, a large number, and evidence of the extent of effectiveness and success with the support and assistance of God Almighty, granting him victory and empowerment.

Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi stated that the port of Umm al-Rashrash (Eilat) was completely disrupted, as acknowledged by the person who describes himself as the executive director of that Israeli port, and the enemy’s exports shrank by 22 percent and its imports by more than 40 percent due to the effects of the port’s complete disruption, with the Zionists themselves admitting that activity had stopped. The port of Eilat due to its closure by the Houthis, as they are called.

He said, “The Zionists confirm that Eilat cannot live without the Red Sea, and they acknowledge the impact of the missile attacks and marches.”

He discussed the effects of the American and British aggression on Yemen on both America and Britain in terms of the level and nature of military deployment in the Red Sea, adding, “Over the past decades, the American has been roaming the seas, safe and reassured that no one will dare to target him.”

He also confirmed that the American was accustomed to intimidating others through scenes of his military battleships, but he was met with a different attitude by the Yemeni people and their armed forces. He pointed out that the American naval presence had shrunk, and many of its warships had disappeared and were scattered on the outskirts of the Red Sea.

Sayyed Abdul-Malik stated that the movement of American ships that were passing through the Red Sea decreased by 80 percent, and this is a great victory and achievement, with God’s help, because the American changed its movement to distant routes such as the Indian Ocean, and despite that, it faces an increasing danger day after day.

He pointed out that the Americans resorting to distant sea routes affects their economy through delayed goods, the cost of shipping, maritime transport insurance, and high prices. He pointed out that insurance operations per ship for some companies in America amounted to 50 million dollars, and this is unprecedented and represents a real problem for the United States of America.

He added, “American and British battleships do not dare to settle in areas expected to be targeted by missiles,” considering the naval confrontation with the American and British forces as a major victory for the Yemeni people.

The revolution leader stated that the Americans had come to depend in their movement at sea on concealment and shielding themselves from the Europeans and pushing them into areas where they did not dare to be present, expressing the hope that the remaining European naval vessels would withdraw from the Red Sea after some of them withdrew.

He pointed out that the American aggression against Yemen is draining Washington financially and affecting it economically in the context of our naval operations, which have not decreased as the American claims to present this as an achievement, but rather the movement of its naval ships is what has decreased by 80 percent.

He reviewed the British’s continuing losses in the interception without results, as is the case with the American, stressing that there was a significant decline in the maritime movement of the British, who built their economy at the expense of people’s wealth by plundering, seizing, and controlling them.

He stated that the British economic losses are mounting, and his reports inside Britain reveal the level of escalating losses, and the British Chamber of Commerce revealed that the Yemeni operations led to damage affecting 55 percent of exporters in Britain, and this is a major victory because of the British foolishness.

Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi confirmed that Yemen operations led to a 300 percent increase in container shipping costs in Britain and significant delays in the delivery of goods, and affected cash flow difficulties in Britain, according to the British Chamber of Commerce.

He stated that Britain, along with the United States, has proven a miserable failure in trying to stop or limit Yemeni attacks, with senior British naval officers admitting to their media outlets that it is difficult to confront deadly and fast Yemeni weapons.

He pointed out that the Americans and Europeans depend on unjustly plundering the wealth of others and impose economic policies that are destructive and harmful to other peoples. He also pointed out that the American seeks to implicate others when he talks about what is happening in the Red Sea. The world should not deal with the Americans, the British, and the Israelis as if they depend on Lying and slander.

He said, “We seek to reassure the rest of the countries as long as they do not support the Zionist enemy and are not involved in the aggression against our country,” stressing that there is no point in the American-British aggression against Yemen to support the Israeli enemy and the continuation of genocide crimes in Gaza.

The revolution leader reiterated that the solution for the Americans and the British is to stop the genocide crimes in Gaza and end the siege against the Palestinians.

He also stressed that the enemies are starving the Palestinians in Gaza Strip and are trying to prevent the necessary bread and food from reaching them to satisfy their hunger. He explained that the prolonged aggression and siege on Gaza will have an impact on the enemies’ economic situation.

He said, “Insisting on an aggressive policy is not in the interest of the enemy peoples, but rather for the sake of the Zionists, and it is also an injustice to the Palestinian people.” He stressed that the Yemeni operations in support of the Palestinian people are effective, influential, important, and useful participation in the battle with the Zionist-American enemy.

Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi recalled the crimes and genocidal wars that the Palestinian people have been exposed to for 202 days, indicating that the percentage of martyrs and wounded in Gaza reached six percent of the Gaza Strip’s population, which is a high percentage and may be one of the highest percentages in the current era in terms of killing and war occurring genocide.

He considered the barbaric Zionist aggression against the Palestinians in Gaza Strip an aggression that targeted the Gaza Strip community in general, indicating that the Israeli enemy targeted the Palestinians with all means of genocide through killing, starvation, and spreading epidemics.

He explained that the Israeli enemy is getting creative with its means , methods to kill people in Gaza Strip every day, and has used audio recordings such as “Catch us,” “Help us,” and children’s screams from drones to lure the people of Gaza to target them and commit more brutal massacres.

The revolution leader pointed out that the Zionist enemy has turned hospitals into mass graves and is carrying out cold-blooded executions of health personnel and patients. He said, “We have not heard of crimes among the events in any country of the world with the level of horrific crime practiced by the usurping enemy.”

He reviewed the brutal crimes committed by the Zionists, including mutilating corpses and stealing their organs in the mass graves that were discovered in the Nasser Medical Complex, and their continuation of the widespread method of starvation, and Kamal Adwan Hospital receiving 50 children daily due to drought and lack of food.

He reported that the Zionist enemy’s attacks in the West Bank are daily, including killing, kidnapping, destroying, burning houses, and displacing people, describing the robberies, seizures, and usurpations of lands by the Israeli enemy as unprecedented in the West Bank over a period of 30 years.

Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi reported that the Zionist enemy is trying to take advantage of his so-called holidays to storm Al-Aqsa Mosque, desecrate it, and attack the worshipers.

He stressed that the American is a partner of the enemy entity in all its horrific crimes against the Palestinians, just as it is a partner in the siege, starvation, killing, destruction, genocide crimes, and what the Israeli enemy is doing is with the full and comprehensive support of the American.

He also stated that the recent American support for the Zionist enemy is support for the continuation of the crimes of murder, bulldozing , comprehensive destruction in Gaza, and with the massive American support with weapons and money, the usurping enemy entity continues to move extensively in all paths of support at all levels.

The revolution leader promised the American role in the aggression against Palestine as if the battle were his battle… explaining that the American is pressuring the brothers in Qatar in an attempt to push them, through their mediation, to adopt the American Zionist vision and to put pressure on the Hamas movement.

He stated that the negative American role has reached the extent of supporting the Zionist enemy to targeting any activity within America itself, when some of the American people move to object to the crimes of genocide, and they are dealt with with complete cruelty.

He pointed out that the American does not respect its laws, its constitution, or any titles it raises and brags about, such as democracy and freedom of opinion and expression. He added, “Once there is a demand within America to stop the crimes of genocide against the Palestinian people, the American cannot bear to listen to these voices.”

He continued, “With the demonstrations and sit-ins at prominent American universities, the American role with the Israeli enemy became clear, and the authorities dealt with the demonstrations and protests at American universities in a bad manner that goes beyond all considerations.”

Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi touched on the criticism of the American President and American officials of the protesters in American universities to the point of threatening their presidents , officials with dismissal and expulsion, indicating that the American tended to militarize the universities with large numbers of police and arrest their students in an abusive manner.

He stressed that the titles and rights that the American raised for university students ended in the face of the demand to stop the genocide crimes in Gaza, and the voices accepted by the official authorities in America became those who support the crimes of genocide and call for the extermination of the Palestinian people.

He denounced the emergence of voices that supported the bombing of the Palestinian people with nuclear bombs from within the US House of Representatives, noting that European countries raise the label of anti-Semitism against those who demand an end to the crimes of genocide against the Palestinian people.

The revolution leader pointed out that there is a tendency in Germany to adopt a law that considers mere criticism of the Israeli enemy to be anti-Semitism, and the title of anti-Semitism is not raised in the West except when the issue relates to the Zionist enemy, and within a Zionist vision of confiscating the rights of the Palestinians.

He considered the American and European effort to ban claims under the pretext of anti-Semitism a scandal to the Americans , the followers of Zionism and their addresses. He pointed out that the movement in more than 100 Western and European cities is of great importance even though it is facing a major propaganda and media campaign.

He said, “There is an American-Western effort to prevent the conscious movement that has begun to awaken to the horror of what is happening in Palestine, but it is growing , expanding, and the talk of some European countries with the term ‘the right of the Palestinian people to establish a Palestinian state’ remains according to Western standards.”

Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi added, “When the West talks about the right of the Palestinian people to have a state, it assumes that it is based on a small part of the Palestinian people’s land and most of it is confiscated for the benefit of the Zionist enemy.”

He explained that the West relies in fighting the Palestinian people on their right, and that the headlines of “establishing a Palestinian state” are merely deceptive headlines. He added, “Some European countries have been greatly embarrassed by the scale of what is happening in Gaza and have a fair political position.”

He pointed out that despite the failure of most Islamic countries, the Palestinian people in Gaza and their mujahideen are steadfast, and stressing that the continuation of the mujahideen operations in the north and center of the Gaza Strip is a great, legendary and unparalleled steadfastness and an honorable and great page in the pages of jihad, sacrifices and struggle of the Palestinian people.

He continued, “The continuation of missile attacks on enemy settlements clearly indicates the extent of the cohesion of the resistance and the extent of its effectiveness.” He pointed out that the steadfastness of the Palestinian people in the face of the crimes of genocide is great steadfastness.

The Revolution Leader praised the great cohesion of the Palestinian people and their Mujahideen, which is an important and essential factor in confronting the Zionist enemy supported by America and Europe.

He stressed that the Zionist enemy is in a state of clear failure, and its media describes it as a scandal, a defeat, and a failure, for the enemy entity and its American partner… Pointing out that the enemies failed to achieve any image of an actual victory in Gaza, as they neither recovered their prisoners nor eliminated the Palestinian resistance.

He praised the state of cohesion of the Mujahideen factions in Gaza Strip and their adaptation to the tactics and methods of the enemy, which is suffering huge losses in its strength and personnel, explaining that the phenomenon of mentally ill people within the enemy entity is a striking phenomenon, and they are in the position of the criminal aggressor.

He touched on the effects of the psychological state that is expanding among the enemy to the point that one of them describes his soldiers as ducks in the line of fire, and a quarter of Israelis have sought help from a mental health specialist since October 7, according to companies operating in health care services.

Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi referred to reports about the intention of senior officers in the enemy army to resign after the resignation of the head of the Zionist intelligence service, in addition to the continuation of demonstrations by the families of prisoners from the enemy after his failure to expel them through his aggression and crimes.

He considered the opposing immigration of the Zionists to be one of the strategic effects of the steadfastness of the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip, adding, “The thinking of half the Zionists about immigrating and leaving Palestine reflects an existential crisis and an admission that they are mere usurpers and occupiers.”

He touched on the Lebanese front, where there is a major escalation and intense operations by Hezbollah on its important and direct front, where it is harassing the Zionist enemy, describing Hezbollah’s operations as precise, purposeful, effective, and devastating to the occupying enemy gangs.

The revolution leader stated that hundreds of thousands of usurping occupiers in northern Palestine face a very big problem in fear of being present in northern Palestine, and there is an unprecedented disruption to factories and companies in northern occupied Palestine, and this has a major impact on the economy of the Zionist enemy.

He confirmed that the impact of Hezbollah’s operations had increased significantly, as they had become very annoying to the Zionist enemy, and no Israeli means were useful to stop the Hezbollah front or dissuade it from continuing its large and great role in supporting the Palestinian people.

resource : SABA