Revolution Leader : Our operations constantly evolve , will have great impact, & there are good signs to come


The Revolution Leader , Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, affirmed that the faith responsibility , the national and unifying interest of the Yemeni people lie in their blessed Yemeni unity.

The Revolution Leader said in his speech today ,Thursday, regarding the latest developments in the Zionist aggression on Gaza and regional developments, “The problem is not in Yemeni unity until the solution is in division, and disagreement.

There are other reasons that affect the Yemeni people, foremost of which is external interference from countries and parties that have a complex of Yemeni unity.”

He pointed out that Yemeni unity reminds the Yemeni people of what they should be, considering that this is consistent with their faith identity, pointing out that there are reasons that affect the people of Yemen, the most important of which is external interference, from countries and parties that have a complex in the unity of the Yemeni people and want Yemen to be torn apart weak and plagued by endless problems in all fields.

He added, “In light of the circumstances that the Yemeni people are suffering and have suffered from as a result of the American-Saudi-Emirati aggression against Yemen, which resulted in the occupation of large parts of the country and the Americans, Saudis, and Emirati building formations against the people, the homeland, and unity.”

The Revolution Leader also confirmed that the aggression coalition against Yemen created hostile formations and sought to sow discord among the Yemeni people, with racist, sectarian, regional, political and social slogans, expressing regret at the response of some inside the country to foreign efforts to tear Yemen apart out of greed, while others out of grudges and to settle their accounts with external support.

He went on to say, “What is consistent with the faith identity and embodies the true interest of our dear people is their unity , cooperation, addressing any problems , grievances with justice, fairness, understanding, on the principle of national partnership, in a way that benefits the Yemeni people and their interests.”

The Leader called on the Yemeni people to come out in their millions tomorrow, Friday, in Al-Sabeen Square in the capital, Sana’a, and the rest of the squares in the provinces, an honorable exit that expresses their steadfastness, loyalty, and honesty with God Almighty, with His noble Messenger, with his entire nation, and at the forefront, the oppressed Palestinian people, the residents of Gaza Strip, with the mujahideen and stationed in various fighting axes in Gaza.

He reiterated that “our people are moving with interest and sharing the pain and suffering of the Palestinians, which testifies to the truth of their sincere position.”

The revolution leader stopped at the Yemeni front supporting the Palestinian people in Gaza and the occupied territories in the battle of “the promised conquest and holy jihad.” He stressed that the Yemeni people appeared in all their provinces united in supporting the Palestinian cause and supporting their valiant resistance.

He said, “The popular will of the Yemenis in our country, from the northern, eastern, western and southern provinces and the central regions, expressed support for the Palestinians , advocacy for their cause, it became clear who embodied this will in a practical and serious manner within the framework of what is possible.”

He added, “Our military operations are continuing, and the armed forces are continuing their missile and naval operations. At the level of military operations, with God’s help, eight operations were carried out this week with 15 missiles and drones in the Red and Arab seas, the Gulf of Aden, and the Indian Ocean.”

He stated that one of the military operations of the armed forces during this week was carried out towards the Mediterranean Sea, noting that the number of ships targeted to date has reached 119 ships linked to the Zionist, American and British enemies.

Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi pointed out that this week witnessed the downing of two American MQ9 warplane in the airspace of Marib and Al-Bayda provinces, as the most important American armed reconnaissance warplane that it relies on in its hostile activities, bringing the number of warplane that were shot down during the current period to five aircraft, considering their downing as an achievement important and successful for the air defense of the Yemeni Armed Forces.

He added, “Among the ships that were targeted, a ship belonging to one of the companies that violated the embargo and entered the ports of occupied Palestine was targeted within the framework of the fourth stage of escalation,” stressing that the effectiveness of the Yemeni military operations and their effects on the enemies are clear.

He pointed out that the American concern about the Yemeni military operations was acknowledged by a senior defense official, whose statements were reported by the media, expressing his concern about the fourth stage and its long term. He stressed the American’s efforts to obstruct the fourth stage of escalation , is busy with many belts and activities that he undertakes, including deploying aircraft intercepting Yemeni operations, but it will fail.

He went on to say, “We, thank God, are in a process of continuous development, and our coordination with our brothers in Iraq will have an additional contribution, and at the same time our direct operations from Yemeni lands will have a great impact, God willing, and there are signs coming in this aspect that will witness great, and influential momentum, as it is.” This is the case with the Red and Arabian Seas, the Gulf of Aden, and Bab al-Mandab.”

The Revolution Leader reviewed the escalating economic impacts resulting from the Yemeni military operations on American, British, and Zionist ships through the continued rise in prices and shipping costs, adding, “Most goods are transported across the seas.”

He pointed out that the American and British intransigence and insistence on besieging the Palestinian people and the continuation of their crimes are the reason for the effects affecting them, stressing the firm and continuous Yemeni position in supporting Palestine, based on the Yemeni people’s sense of responsibility and awareness towards the nation’s first and central issue.

He said, “The position of our people will not diminish or weaken, neither over time nor in the face of the enemy’s escalation, nor will it be disturbed by the actions of those allied with America and those linked to Israel and Britain, because the ceiling of the Yemeni people is high and what we are doing in supporting Palestine is as much as we can, but what our people want is greater.”

He added, “We were and still hope that there would be land roads connecting regiments with hundreds of thousands of our people to go and participate directly with the enemy and wage jihad for the sake of God with the resistance factions in Palestine, but the geographical situation and the countries that separate us from Palestine did not accept to open the roads for the Yemeni people to cross from there to go to Palestine.”

Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi reiterated his emphasis on the continued development of missile capabilities and achieving success in this aspect.. adding, “No matter what we do, the ceiling of the Yemeni people is still higher than that greater and greater, because the people, with their identity and conscience, translate the truth of their faith and the saying of the Holy Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family, is embodied in it.” He said, “Faith is Yemeni and wisdom is Yemeni.”

He discussed the good levels reached by military mobilization and training, as the number of trainees reached 327,105 trainees, and there are other activities, including maneuvers , military marches with more than 1,500 activities, demonstrations, marches, seminars, and events amounted to 557,380 between a demonstration, an event, and a symposium, which is a very large number. It is unparalleled in any country.

The revolution leader recalled the crimes of the ongoing American-Zionist aggression against Gaza Strip for the sake of killing and destruction, which will not achieve the goals he announced despite the American and Israeli recognition of the impossibility of achieving the goals of the aggression against Gaza, and clinging to them is nothing but a means of killing.

He explained that with all the clear crimes of genocide committed by the Zionist enemy in Gaza, the American President comes out to deny this… pointing out that killing dozens of children and women, blowing up civilian neighborhoods, and destroying residential areas are not considered crimes of genocide in the eyes of the American President.

He pointed out that killing Palestinians on the roads, targeting their communities, starving hundreds of thousands, destroying the health system, preventing medicine, killing the sick, burying many of them alive, and crushing the disabled under the tracks of tanks are not genocide and are not considered crimes of genocide in Biden’s eyes.

He said, “Displacing hundreds of thousands, persecuting and killing them in shelter centers, and targeting bakeries and water wells is not a crime in the eyes of US President Biden, and it is not strange that Biden does not consider what is happening in Gaza a war of genocide, as the Americans are masters of crime and have precedents in genocide.”

He added, “It is not strange for Americans to deny Zionist genocidal crimes, as they support them and participate in them against the Palestinian people, and the Zionist aggression in Gaza Strip would not have been at this level of criminality without American support and cover.”

Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi stated that the American floating port in Gaza is a military base, and Washington was exposed when it brought in armored vehicles and air defense systems. He indicated that the American wants to turn Gaza Strip into a prison with one gate across the sea, supervised by American military personnel.

He stressed that the American, through the floating port, wants to control a little aid and use it to serve his military and Israeli interests. One of the strange things is what the American was saying about stopping an enemy shipment of weapons, and then it was later revealed that they were being sent to kill the Palestinians.

He stated that the American, in his previous talk about suspending an arms shipment to the enemy, tried to pretend with some rationality, as if he was concerned for the lives of civilians… stressing the keenness to establish the correct and conscious view among the people of the American hostile and reckless role towards humanity.

The revolution leader warned against the aggressive American approach that does not take into account human dignity and rights, stressing that all the humanitarian headlines that the Americans are promoting are nothing but political exploitation.

He continued, “The Israeli Minister of Defense’s announcement of the return of settlement activity in the West Bank is a dangerous escalation that comes in the context of perpetuating the occupation.” He considered the desecration of the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque by the criminal “Ben Gvir” and the threat he made, a dangerous escalation and a challenge to all Muslims.

He added, “It is the duty of Muslims to benefit from the events in Palestine in the context of a conscious view of the reality of the comprehensive Israeli war,” stressing that the Zionists, along with some puppet Arab media, portray the confrontation as if it were only between the enemy and the Hamas movement.

Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi pointed out that the Zionist aggression targets the Palestinian people with all its components and that most of its victims are civilians, adding, “It is not permissible for anyone who belongs to Islam and considers himself an Arab to speak with Israeli logic about what is happening in Palestine.”

He went on to say, “Even if the Zionist problem is only with Hamas, Hamas is among the Arabs and Muslims and the nation’s duty is to support them. Human conscience must be awakened in the face of the Zionist war of annihilation and action must be within the framework of practical steps.”

He reiterated that the statements and condemnations of Zionist crimes issued by various countries are not enough and that practical steps must be taken, which requires that protests continue in American and European universities and in other countries to denounce the crimes of the Zionist entity supported by America and Europe.

The revolution leader expressed the hope that the effort and movement will continue among the rest of the countries to recognize the Palestinian state, the protests and demonstrations of American and European university students will continue to put pressure on their governments and regimes to stop supporting the Zionist enemy.

He considered silence in the face of the horrific crimes committed by the Israeli enemy a very great insult to humanity, pointing out that the announcement by three European countries of their recognition of the Palestinian state, although it is an incomplete position, is an important political step.

He said, “We were hoping that European countries would recognize the Palestinian right in full because it is a fair, just and right position. If the rest of the European countries moved to recognize the Palestinian state, it would put political pressure on the Israeli enemy.”

He added, “There is a great feeling of embarrassment and shame in the European community after the scandal of its regimes that uphold the values of freedom and rights, and the West that talks about the rights of cats and other animals has been exposed in its contribution to the Zionist genocidal crimes against humanity.”

Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi described the statement of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court, who equated the victim and the executioner, as completely unfair, and that it comes in the context of the scandalous embarrassment felt by the West, which flees to present some positions.

He wondered, “How can the Public Prosecutor equate Netanyahu and his Minister of War, who are aggressor criminals, with Palestinian leaders defending their just cause?” He said, “It is no longer acceptable for the West to remain silent about Zionist crimes because that is a huge scandal, so they wanted to move in lower positions to equate the victim and the executioner.”

He continued, “We do not expect the West to be realistic, fair, or people of justice and truth, and this does not surprise us.” He stressed that the West has been watching Palestinian oppression for 76 years and has even been supportive of the Israeli enemy at all stages.

The Revolution Leader stressed the great responsibility placed on Muslims, and some Arab countries that have not reached the level of completely severing their relations with the Zionist enemy… expressing regret at the continued media of some Arab countries to support the Zionist enemy against the Palestinian people and its mujahideen.

He said, “In the face of the Zionist escalation, Arab statements and summits are not enough. What is required are practical positions, decisions, and serious steps. The Arab and Islamic countries were supposed to turn clearly to supporting the mujahideen in Gaza Strip.”

He stressed that one of the simplest steps for some Arab countries was to cancel the classification of Palestinian resistance movements from the “terrorism” lists, asking, “Arab countries that have enormous financial capabilities, why do they not provide their financial support to the Palestinian people and their mujahideen?”

Sayyed Commander stated that the Mujahideen in Gaza presented, with their great steadfastness, a true picture that gives hope about the possibility of achieving victory, adding, “In the face of American and Western support for the entity, where is the Arab cooperation, which is an Islamic religious, humanitarian, and moral responsibility?”

He also stressed that the continuation of heroic resistance operations and bombing of settlements testifies to the extent of failure and failure of the Israeli enemy, indicating that the Zionists feel existential anxiety that is expanding among them as a result of the failure in Gaza Strip.

He pointed out that the circle of external isolation of the Israeli entity is expanding and the scandal with its criminal image is increasing, and he previously tried to cover it up, despite the enemy entity’s attempt to present a false image of it, but it was exposed , appeared in its criminal image, and its relations with many countries were affected.

He said, “In the face of the exposure of the Zionist enemy, it is not appropriate for any Arab country to enter into a normalization deal in order to enjoy American protection,” stressing that some countries’ efforts to obtain American protection from their people or neighbors is a wrong approach and a failed policy.

The revolution leader urged some regimes to benefit from others who relied on American protection to protect their people, but they failed. He called on the regimes that seek American protection from their neighbors to change their hostile policies, because the problem is from them and not from their surroundings.

He stated that good neighborliness and dealing with Islamic and Arab values are what will bring security to some regimes, not normalization, because going for normalization after everything that happened is wrong, and means dependence on the Americans as part of his policies, which are based on blackmail, exploitation, and milking.

He warned those who are going to throw themselves into the arms of the American that they will subject all their capabilities and security to horrific American exploitation… adding, “We say with certainty and certainty that the American does not care about the interest of any Arab country, but rather his interest is with the Zionist entity.”

He stressed that those who depend on the American and his wrong policies will always push them into problems and involve them in bad and negative situations that serve him and his interests.

Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi expressed his deepest condolences to the Islamic Republic of Iran on the martyrdom of President Ibrahim Raisi and his Foreign Minister Hussein Amir Abdullahian and their comrades. He said, “We share Iran’s sadness in this painful incident.”

He added, “Iran stood with Palestine in a distinctive and unparalleled manner at the official Arab and Islamic level within the framework of a firm and principled position,” stressing that Iran has adopted the issues of the Islamic nation and the oppressed peoples, including the position towards the oppression of the Yemeni people.

He continued, “There was no strong, clear and frank official position to support the Yemeni people against the aggression against our country like the Iranian position,” noting that Sayyed Ibrahim Raisi was carrying the Iranian position on the nation’s issues and expressing it with all constancy, desire and boldness.

He explained that many leaders speak in a tone that always takes into account what might anger the American, considering that the Iranian President, Sayyed Raisi, was different from the rest of the leaders , distinguished by his clear , bold voice and position without regard to American pressure.

The Revolution Leader spoke about Sayyed Raisi’s position expressing the Islamic Revolution’s adoption of the Palestinian cause without being influenced by political and economic calculations, as he was an Islamic leader whom the nation could be proud of in his high qualifications on the moral and scientific level, and at the same time represents a model in his position of responsibility and in his relationship with his people. This is an important lesson for other leaders.

He cited in this regard the two million people in Iran who came out to the funeral of Sayyed Raisi, which reflects his positive relationship with his people, unlike many leaders around the world, because he presented himself as a servant of his people and translated that into his actions until the last moment of his life, and this is an important lesson.

He presented a summary of Hezbollah front in Lebanon, which continues to grow in strikes and escalate its qualitative military operations against the Zionist enemy, with Zionist media acknowledging the heat of the Lebanese front and its direct impact on the enemy.

On the Iraqi front, Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi confirmed that the Iraqi resistance carried out five operations targeting Zionist enemy sites in Umm al-Rashrash and the occupied Golan.

resource : SABA