Yemeni Armed Forces carry out two joint military operations with Iraqi Islamic Resistance


Yemen’s Armed Forces announced on Thursday that it had carried out two joint military operations, in a cooperation with the Iraqi Islamic Resistance, against the Israeli occupation-linked ships in Haifa Port.

The military spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e, said in a televised statement that the first operation targeted two ships carrying military equipments in the port of Haifa , and the second operation targeted a ship that violated the decision to ban entry to the same port in occupied Palestine.

The joint operation on Haifa port comes in response to the massacres of the Israeli enemy in Rafah area, and the Israeli enemy shall expect more specific joint operations during the next period of time, until its brutal and criminal aggression stops and its siege against our people in the Gaza Strip is lifted, according to Sare’e .

The Yemeni Armed Forces call on all Arab armies to participate in supportive operations in solidarity with the Palestinian resistance consistent with their religious and humanitarian duty towards the Palestinian people, the brigadier general concluded.