Hamas official: We responded positively to the latest Gaza ceasefire proposal


Hamas has responded positively to the latest Gaza ceasefire proposal, the head of the National Relations Department of the Hamas Movement abroad, Ali Baraka, said on Friday.

He pointed out that the Movement informed the mediators that Hamas and other resistance factions are open to any initiative that meets the demands of the Palestinian people, which include a permanent ceasefire, a complete withdrawal of the Israeli occupation army from the Gaza Strip, the return of the displaced to their homes, the provision of aid, and the start of reconstruction.

“The ball is in Israel’s court because Netanyahu refuses a permanent ceasefire and constantly asserts that he wants to continue his aggression against the Palestinian people,” Baraka said.

Israeli official media earlier quoted political sources as saying that Netanyahu agreed to send a negotiating team to engage in ceasefire talks with Hamas in Doha.

The sources indicated that Israel is optimistic about agreeing on the outlines, after “Hamas abandoned its demand to obtain guarantees to end the war,” according to the sources.

The Al-Mayadeen satellite channel quoted a well-informed source in Hamas as saying that the Movement made new amendments to the last Israeli paper, in a way that does not affect the fundamental issues.

According to the source, Hamas retained its demands on a permanent ceasefire, complete withdrawal from the Strip, and the return of the displaced.

Hamas insists on the necessity of withdrawing from the Philadelphia axis and the Rafah crossing, refusing any veto to the release of Palestinian prisoners sentenced to life.

The source said that Hamas has shown flexibility in the items 8 and 14 to ensure the continuation of negotiations until reaching a permanent ceasefire.