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Air Force targets the coalition in al-Bayda

YemenExtra Y.A The Air Force of the Yemeni army forces, on Sunday, launched raids on US backed -Saudi led coalition's paid fighters, including commanders, in al-Bayda province, after an accurate monitoring. The Air Force targeted,…

U.S drones air strike kills Daesh elements in Marib

YemenExtra Y.A Four Daesh suspected members were killed ,yesterday, as the U.S drones waged an air strike on Marikb province, a security official told YemenExtra. The strike hit took place in al-Rawdah area. Al-Qaeda and Daesh elements…

How does Yemeni Air Force take revenge from its enemy ?

YemenExtra Y.A The Yemeni army’s Air Force ,Monday, hit US-Saudi-led coalition’s military armored vehicles gatherings in Hodeidah province, a military official told YemenExtra. The operation took place in Yemen’s Western coast. It…