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Iraqi Army Starts Operation to Free Final Mosul Region

YemenExtra Y.A The Iraqi Army, with the federal police, strted an significant operation, Sunday, to liberate the final reigon under the control of "Daesh" , backed by Saudi Arabia,  in Mosul. With "Daesh" fully surrounded in the Old…

Report: Saudi Kills 68 in 301 Airstrikes on Yemen in 7 Days

YemenExtra At least 68 Yemeni civilians were killed and thirty others wounded, including a woman and two children, in 301 airstrikes launched by the US-backed Saudi coalition on several Yemeni governorates over the past seven days,…

Saudi-Led Coalition Wages 21 Raids on Yemeni provinces

March 23 / YemenExtra The Saudi-led coalition waged 16 air raids on a bridge in the province of Hodeida overnight. In addition, the warships struck Al-Tohayta district in Hodeida. A security official source told YemenExtra that the…