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U.S drones air strike kills Daesh elements in Marib

YemenExtra Y.A Four Daesh suspected members were killed ,yesterday, as the U.S drones waged an air strike on Marikb province, a security official told YemenExtra. The strike hit took place in al-Rawdah area. Al-Qaeda and Daesh elements…

Al-Qaeda elements ,UAE-backed forces in Shabwa

YemenExtra Y.A A military vehicle loaded with soldiers of the so-called Shabwani elite force ,backed by the UAE forces was ambushed overnight by Al-Qaeda elements in Shabwa province, a local official said on Tuesday. The attack was…

How does Coalition Apache Punishe its elements ?

YemenExtra Y.A The Saudi-led coalition Apache ,Thursday, committed violent crimes against its elements in beyond border front of Jizan, a military official told YemenExtra. The Apache tool the lives of a whole company of Saudi- backed…