Yemeni army forces cut the legs of their enemy’s members





Dtozens of the US-backed Saudi-led coalition were killed, and others were wounded, on Friday, while  several mechanisms and military armor were destroyed during a large-scale march on the West Coast Front.

A military source said that the Yemeni army forces , along with the sons of Tihama, thwarted the attempt of a large march of the coalition, which lasted for many hours, under intense air cover towards the roundabout of  Aldrehami.

According to the source, large groups of the paid fighters were able to advance in limited areas towards the roundabout, before being surrounded by the Yemeni army forces, confirming the death and wounding of dozens of them and the burning and destroying of seven armored vehicles and two military vehicles.
The source pointed out that groups of the coalition were caught in a minefield and improvised explosive devices as they tried to advance towards the roundabout, resulting in a number of dead and wounded, most of whom had lost their legs.

اعلان الزكاة