Hundreds of Thousands of Yemenis Protest Inflation, Saudi-Led Economical War: Pictures




In the capital Sana’a on Friday afternoon, citizens marched under the slogan ” The Printing of the currency and high prices are tools used by the Saudi aggression”, in which the participants held America and Saudi Arabia, along with their paid-militias, responsible for the rise in the price rate of foreign currency against the national currency.

The participants denounced the economic war led by the Saudi-led coalition, which aims to starve the Yemeni people in conjunction with the military war and the sea, air and land siege imposed on the country for nearly four years.

A number of statements were released in the event, which stressed that the countries participating in the war on Yemen are attempting to push the national economy towards mass collapse to fulfill their agendas on the battlefields against the Yemeni Army and Ansarullah.

“The international community bears full responsibility for the continuation of the Saudi aggression and the fall of the economic situation in Yemen,” said a member of the Higher Economic Committee.

Moreover, he called on the international community and international organizations to prevent the Saud-led coalition and its paid-militias from printing more local currency, which has caused the deterioration of the Yemeni riyal, and the high prices that have affected all Yemenis.

In addition, he warned the Saudi-led coalition from imposing any additional restrictions on the entry of ships and the port of Hodeidah or introducing new taxes on goods, which will only deteriorate the suffering of civilians and the cost of living.

The Supreme Economic Committee called on the national delegation to include the issue of the transfer of the bank in the Geneva consultations and to pressure the United Nations into meeting its salary payment pledges.

Furthermore, it has called on all citizens to not use the recently printed currency, to combine efforts and to confront the economic conditions imposed by the Saudi-led coalition and its paid-militias.

The Dean of the Faculty of Commerce and Economics at the University of Sana’a, Dr. Meshaal al-Rifi, noted that the Saudi-led coalition transferred the Central Bank and ordered its paid-militias to print more than one trillion riyals without a cover of hard currency, leading to the collapse of the Yemeni riyal against the dollar, thus causing an unprecedented inflation.

Additionally, he accused the forces of the Saudi-led coalition and its paid-militias of pursuing destructive monetary policy by using the central bank as a war tool to print a vast amount of the local currency and withdraw foreign exchange from the market, while preventing the arrival of oil and gas revenues to the central bank’s treasury, which finally led to the collapse of the Yemeni riyal. also called on the people to face the economic war in the same way as the military war and called on the government of national salvation to do its best in alleviating the economic war conducted at the Yemeni people.

Moreover, the statement held the Saudi-led coalition, the government of Riyadh and the branch of the Central Bank in Aden responsible for the catastrophic results that led to the fall of the local currency.

The statement also demands the exiled ex-president Hadi refund the funds looted in partnership with the United Arab Emirates.

In addition, the statement urged the government of national salvation to empower control over the condition and arrest all those complicit with the forces of the Saudi-led coalition in the economic war against the Yemeni people.

Finally, the statement finished off by calling on Yemeni citizens to organize protests starting on Saturday in front of the United Nations headquarters in the Yemeni capital of Sana’a to denounce the economic scheme.

اعلان الزكاة