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ISIS executes 15 of their own fighters in Afghanistan

YemenExtra M.A. The Afghan branch of ISIS has executed about 15 of its own members in the eastern province of Nangarhar, according to Afghan officials. The execution reportedly occurred on Thursday, the same day a suicide bombing in…

Daesh Executes a Number of its High-Ranking Memebers

YemenExtra Y.A A tribal leader in the province of Anbar, Iraq, Monday, revealed that "Daesh" ,backed by Saudi Arabia ,executed four of its leaders after fleeing the city of "Annah , "Alsumaria News" site quated from a leader in the…

A Criminal Executed over Murdering a Child

YemenExtra Y.A  The court of Appeal and judicial authorities in the capital Sana'a , Monday , executed Hussein Abdullah al- Saket over charging him of raping and killing five-year-old child (female) Safa Mohamed Taher al-Matari.…