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Here is how Saudi troops killed in Jizan

YemenExtra Y.A Yemeni army snipers, on Saturday, killed 14 Saudi troops and injured two others in southwestern border region of Jizan. They over the past few days also inflicted heavy losses on the Saudis in the Jizan front, where…

Here is how UAE surprises Yemenis!

YemenExtra Y.A United Arab Emirates (UAE) forces -run Yemeni Oil Investments Company announced 600 thousands of Yemen’s oil barrels on Sunday exported from Shabwah province. Director of the company Abdullah Omair said that “about 600…

Here is how UAE angers Yemeni tribal leaders

YemenExtra Y.A United Arab Emirates -backed paid fighters on Tuesday prevented a tribal and military delegation from entering Ataq city in Shabwah province.The move came under a pretext that the tribal and military delegation carried…