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Saudi-led coalition kills its paid fighters with hunger

YemenExtra Y.A Almost 33 prisoners from the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council’s paid fighters , mostly from Radfan, Yafea and Dhalei areas in southern Yemen, held in prisons of Hadi-allied Islah Party in Shabwa province,…

The coalition kills its paid fighters in southern Yemen

YemenExtra Y.A Many dead in airstrikes waged by UAE-Saudi coalition fighter jets on Islah Party’s paid fighters ,loyal to Hadi’s forces at al-Alam military point in Aden city, southern Yemen. Saudi and UAE fighter jets also…

Over dozen UAE paid fighters killed in southen Yemen

YemenExtra Y.A 19 recruits from the paid fighters of the security belt which supported by the UAE, were killed and seven others were wounded on Friday during clashes in Abyan province, sources told YemenExtra. The sources said that…