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Morocco decision about its part with coalition in Yemen

YemenExtra Y.A Moroccan army has decided to withdraw its joint aircraft squadron with the Saudi-led coalition, which has launched a war against Yemen since March 2015, according to Moroccan media sources.  Under the direction of…

Spain about to take part in killing Yemenis

 YemenExtra Y.A Spain is due to sign a framework deal to sell Saudi Arabia warships worth around 1.8 billion euros ($2.2 billion) on Thursday, a Spanish Defence Ministry source said. Under the agreement, Spanish state-owned shipbuilder…

US takes part in killing Yemenis : American official

YemenExtra Y.A US Defense Secretary James Mattis said that Washington has been engaged in managing Saudi Arabia's fatal air strikes in Yemen, Press TV reported . The US is “doing the planning in Yemen strikes, and has shown the Saudis…