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Yemeni childern pay the price of the war

YemenExtra Y.A Saudi-led coalition, backed by the US, hold accountable for the massacres and sufferings of Yemeni children. Hundreds of thousands of children have been infected with suspected cholera in Yemen in the first six…

Families forced to pay to get out of the West Coast

YemenExtra Y.A Hospitals of the southern port city of Aden received in the past two weeks more than 800 bodies of forces ,loyal to the US-Saudi-led coalition, including 17 Sudanese soldiers, according to medical sources . The sources…

50 per cent of Last April’s Salary is Paid

YemenExtra Y.A Post offices started in a number of governorates to pay fifty percent of the salary of last April after the Ministry of Finance issued a circular to the Central Bank of Yemen to pay it to all the country's  employees…