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Saudi-Uae Battleships Bombard Farms Within Yemen’s Hajjah

YemenExtra Today, Monday, the warships of the Saudi-UAE aggression targeted al-Jer farms in the Abs district within Hajjah. A source reported to YemenExtra that the battleships of the aggression bombed the al-Jer farms in the district of…

Scramble for the Red Sea

YemenExtra Wars could be triggered by the growing rivalry for control of what was once an ‘Arab Lake’ By: Abdel Bari Atwan In decades past, the Red Sea used to be described as an ‘Arab Lake’. But a completely different…

New Foothold in the Red Sea

YemenExtra Y.A Americans are increasing their direct presence in the Yemeni arena. A new military base are being secretly and rapidly built in the largest Yemeni islands in the Red Sea On the largest Yemeni islands in the Red Sea,…