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Lahj’s sons detained in Aden

YemenExtra Y.A Dozens of sons of al-Qubaytah called on the Aden security department to quickly release the detainees from the workers and students and considered it a flagrant violation that affects all the people of Lahj province.…

Even Yemeni Civilians Harmful to Saudi-Led Coalition

YemenExtra Y.A The sons and sheikhs of the districts of Al-Dala'a  province on Friday held a stand in which they condemned all criminal acts and their serious move to expel the invaders and uproot the labor and paid fighters…

Saada Sons Commemorate Ashura, the Day against Tyranny

YemenExtra Y.A The sons of Saada province ,Saturday morning, 10 Muharram 1439 AH gathered  in a massive demonstration to memorize the day of Ashura anniversary of the killing of Imam Hussein , the prophet Mohammes's grandson. The…